November 26th, 2019

Mother God on the Divine plan for next month

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother God, the Mother of all creation. Today, I come to deliver good news. The Divine has successfully removed all the energies that the Divine has called home. Yes, there were some groups had left after the initial clarion call. But there were also a great deal of souls who didn’t leave even after the Divine called. After spoken with these soul group leaders, the Divine has again, sent these soul groups a call and asked them to leave the planet immediately. And yet again, there were still some groups that refused to take action and to leave the planet.

The Divine eventually has to take action and removed all these soul groups who should not be on the planet in the first place. As for today, all these soul groups have been successfully taken to their designated systems, and all souls, who have been on the planet without permission, have now gone. Gaia is pleased with the result, and so is Mother Earth.

From this point on, this tiny blue planet will be pure in Divine energies. Souls who come here, have to have Gaia’s invitation. No souls are allowed to come here without Divine’s permission. And the planet earth has been upgraded to a level that only the purest souls can come and explore. That is the initial design and now that design is being restored. Pure Divine love has the permission to experience the life Mother Earth can offer. And that is my design in the first place. Your Father has worked so hard just to make sure that this planet is suitable for the pure Divine lights and souls from the angelic realm.

Now the planet is ascending. Souls are ascending. The low density is dropping and the planet is going to be restored to her pristine condition. That pristine condition was the condition that Gaia used to have. Mother Earth used to be a pure place. Souls came here and could actually enjoy the life Gaia had offered without losing their Divine connections. Every aspect of the life on earth was pristine and humans were pure Divine energies.

Now, after the long lost, the planet is now going back to her original blueprint. The immaculate concept of the planet has been restored in every soul on the planet and the planet herself. That pure state of being is the goal that the divine is working toward. Gaia and Mother Earth are actively pursuing that goal. That is also what your Father God is working toward. He wants the planet and humanity finally live an enlightened life. He knows that the planet deserves it. humanity needs it. We, the Divine also requires it for Gaia and humanity.

I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. In the next phase of the great shift, your Father and I are going on focus on the enlightenment of humanity and the planet. What that means is that the souls on the planet, are called to wake up. There are a big portion of the souls who are awakening. And that is very encouraging. But there are also a large portion of the souls who have not awakened. These children are in the process of being woken up, and the ones who refuse to wake up, however, may have to leave the planet. Your Father works hard to awaken every each one of these souls, but still, some souls simply refuse to wake up. After we spoke about it, your Father God has decided to give one more try. And after that, we will take action to either bringing the ones, who refuse to wake up, home, or, let them go to a different planet so they can continue the learning process. Nevertheless, their time on Gaia is due. Either they listen to the call and ascend, or they depart. There is no room in between. Negotiating time is over. That is what is to come next.

After that, we will start the Golden Age, the Christ Era. Your Father God will start his tenure. And the entire team will be introduced to the planet and human race. Gaia’s restoration phase will begin right after. We are ready. Gaia cannot wait to have her physical body restored. She has been waiting long enough, now all she wants is to begin the next phase. We, the Divine totally understand Gaia’s position, and we want the same thing. Together, with the help of Gaia and your Father God, we will bring the Divine government online. And our light workers are going to take up their Divine missions and run with it. That is the next phase.

In Divine’s estimate, Gaia’s next phase will start probably around or after the New Years. That is the goal your Father and I have. We work hard to reach that goal. However, what you do, dear ones, make a huge difference. Be the light for this critical moment of human history. Be the peace for Gaia and Mother Earth. Be the light for Gaia and humanity and be the leaders who designed to bring humanity home. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace.

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