November 26th, 2019

The planet has shifted to a much higher realm

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The planet has shifted to a much higher realm. Your Father and I have been uplifting the planet in the last few days, and now the planet is at a place that the vibration is high and it is closer to the 5th dimension. Gaia has been with us in this entire process. She is much happier now since the planet arrived at a much lighter and safer place. And the entire planet has felt the higher vibration and love from the Divine. Basically, the vibration has changed so much that the entire planet has shifted and so is human race.

In the next a couple of days, your Father and I will continue to uplift the planet till we bring her all the way to her designated place. In the process, you may continue to experience the drop of the low density and energies. Humanity will continue to dig out the past horror and release it. The planet has been letting go of a lot of deeply buried energies. Gaia knows where these energies are and she has been directing the release. Now, since the planet is in a much higher realm, we feel that it is much safer for the planet to release the density and once and for all, to let go of the past. That way, Gaia will feel much lighter and the planet will have a easier climbing up to the 5th dimension. After consulting with the planet, your Father and I have decided to let the release happen in the upcoming days. As result of the heavy releasing, the planet is going to shift quite a bit. The weather patterns will reflect the shift, and things will change on the planet as well.

If you are in the area where the changes will happen dear ones, be alert and be sound and safe. Know the weather patterns are going to shift as well. Much of the erratic patterns will come up. And that is directed by Gaia, and Mother Earth will manifest that releasing into somewhat strange weather patterns. If you are impacted by it, just know that it is temporary. Mother Earth needs the release. And the release is designed by Gaia. The reason that these releasings have to happen is because the planet is at a point that the deeply buried energies no longer can be sustained and they are dropping out of the orbit. In other words, these old energies no longer can stay with the planet, their vibration doesn’t match the new vibration the planet has arrived. Now is time for these old energies to leave the planet and being released.

Stay in the heart dear ones. Know that you have been doing a great job for Gaia and humanity. The planet has such a smooth ride because you, dear children on earth. You are the ones who are supporting the shift, and your energies have been necessary for Gaia and the planet to go upward sound and safe. Keep up the good work my beautiful angels on earth. I love you. I am your Mother God. Go in peace now. So it is.

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