November 27th, 2019

Divine Mother says that the twin souls now have a special ascension path

The Divine has decreed many times in the subject of twin flames and their reunions. The fact the matter is that there are quite a large number of the twin souls who are simply not ready for the reunion. And that is something the Divine has worked on for as long as this ascension process began. I have repeatedly asked the Divine and the company of heaven, to give the twin flames a special path so that they can unite in time for the new era, the Christ Era.

Now, even though the Divine has given the twin flames a special timeline, but in reality, there are still a lot of the twin souls who are not able to come together for their mission. And that is, partially, because the twins on the planet are extreme souls, meaning these souls have gone through eons of ups and downs. And their energy field has been broken into pieces many times over. They are the Divine team members from the beginning. And they have come and gone through eons of times. Endless incarnations on the planet have made these souls fragile. Their energy field really needs a great deal of the healing and repair.

I have called these souls many times in the hope that they come to me for healing that their soul desperately needs. In the process, I have also learned that these souls need a special path home. They need a special path so that they can come home on time and celebrate the Divine victory with us. I have decreed again, that all the twin souls, regardless where you are and whether you have reunited or not, I want all the twin flames to come to your Mother so that I can heal you and your broken heart. It is my deepest desire that all of these priceless souls ascend quickly so that they can participate in the upcoming new era and coming home to their Mother God.

The reason I have created these twins was for Gaiaís experiments. The ones who have the twin flames here, are the ones who have special mission on earth. Their mission requires the twins, both of the aspects on the planet. As for today, I have quite a number of twins reunited. But the number of successfully reunited twins are far smaller than the twins who have not reunited. In other words, there are a large number of the twins who have not been together. And that needs to change.

I need these souls to reunite for the sake of Gaia and for their own healing. It is time for my beautiful angels to ascend home. I have again, ordered the Divine and the company of heaven, to bring these twin souls home. Give them whatever their soul needs and try the best to unite these souls. Their missions are critical for this time. Gaia needs these souls, so is humanity. Letís work together dear heart. Letís celebrate the twins. They have done enormous amount of the work for the Divine and this planet. They deserve a special path home. Letís work together and help these souls. Letís work together and bring these souls up to the 5th dimension and let their soul rest and be healed.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother God. I bless you dear ones and I bless your path. So it is.

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