Nov 29th, 2023

Divine updates - The great shifts have happened and humanity has become a new human race

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for the planet and humanity.

As Gaia's ascension process goes deeper, the planet and humanity have arrived at an unchartered territory. This territory is called Quantum field and humanity has become a new human race. Yes, the great shifts have happened. 7 billion plus human beings have been shifted to new earth and were being activated. Now these new humans are called I AM human race and have started their physical ascension journey. That is a great success.

The Divine says in this ascension process, the planet and humanity have experienced a great deal of happenings and shifts and sometimes, chaos. Because the planet has been under the control of the old energies for so long, humanity carries huge amounts of the old energies and that has hindered humanity's ascension process. As a result, a great number of souls have decided not to ascend. Gaia felt regret about it because according to her design, there shall be a big number of souls who participate in this physical ascension. However, Gaia, now, has accepted the reality. There are some souls who have changed their soul contract and have decided not to participate in the ascension. The Divine also respects these souls' decisions and allows the process to proceed.

Since the great shifts have happened. Now the planet is hosting two types of humans, the new human and the old humans. Gaia has a great deal of love for both types of humans. So Gaia has decided to allow these humans who have decided not to ascend to stay on the planet and finish their life lessons. Therefore, the planet has humans who are in different dimensions and conducting their soul contracts and for some, learning life lessons. The Divine has agreed with Gaia's decision and makes sure that new humans and old humans will do whatever they need to do on this planet at this moment of time.

Because there are a huge number of humans and new humans who carry a great deal of old energies. and some of these old energies are against Gaia's ascension and the Divine plan, the Divine and the company of heaven will need to clear the old energies so that humanity will be cleared to move forward and Gaia's ascension will move forward smoothly. The Divine says since humanity has been separated into different dimensions. New humans are now in a higher dimension than the old humans. Therefore, this clearing process is very challenging and it has to go to different dimensions in order to clear energies out of humans. After consulting with Gaia and human souls and soul groups, the Divine has decided to move forward with the effort and clear souls regardless which dimensions they are in. And this clearing process has begun.

The Divine says because this clearing process is critical and gigant, the Universal Father has decided to lead the effort. He has brought huge amounts of the light to the planet to counter the old energies. The removal of the old energies may take some time. However, Father has the determination and also, tremendous amounts of help is under way to make sure that this clearing process is smooth and quick.

Father says that the planet has reached a point that clearing has to happen so that the Divine plan can move forward. Old energies need to be completely removed from the planet and humanity. It is time. He will continue to monitor the process to make sure its completion.

Meanwhile, the Divine asks light workers to participate in this clearing effort. Know that this clearing is meant for new humans and humans who have decided not to ascend. It means that light workers, too, need to actively clear ourselves because the old energies are in every one and are not allowed on new earth. So we have to clear these old energies in order to be on new earth. It is required by Gaia's design and it is for all souls on new earth.

It is also helpful for souls who decided not to ascend. Because these old energies hinder their completion of the soul contract. Souls need to be cleared so that they will have the motivation to finish soul contracts. It is a soul decision and required by the spiritual laws that all souls need to finish their soul contracts while incarnating on the planet. That is why the Divine has decided to clear the souls who are still in the lower dimension and who have decided not to participate in this ascension.

So the Divine encourages light workers to do whatever it takes to clear thyself. Know that it takes time and the physical body is the key. Detoxing the body is serious work. And physical ascension needs the body to be pure and that is why constant clearing is required in this ascension process.

Thank you for your dedication and great work. Divine blessings to you always.

Linda Li, the Divine, Gaia and the company of heaven. So it is.

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