Nov 30th, 2023

Planet wide clearing of humans has entered into the second day

Dear family of love and light, Universal Father led planet wide clearing of humans has entered into the second day. The Divine says that Father led clearing efforts started with light workers in general. So today, light workers have been through serious deep clearing. The process is going to take some time. The Divine encourages light workers to stay in the heart and allow the clearing to happen. Know that this process is led by the Father per Gaia's request, all souls on the planet will go through this deep clearing so that the old energies can be completely removed from the planet and humans.

According to Gaia's new earth design, there are a group of old energies that are no longer allowed to exist on new earth. Therefore, all ascending souls will need to be cleared through this deep clearing process to remove the unwanted energies so that Gaia's new earth will be kept pristine as designed.

Father has started this process with light workers so that light workers will be cleared and move forward with the next phase where they can conduct their new earth mission and assist in Gaia's ascension process. The Divine says that there are a great number of light workers who are in need of deep clearing, and therefore, this clearing process is essential for light workers.

The Divine says in days to come, there are huge amounts of Father's light will come to the planet. These lights are designed for the clearing purpose. The Divine encourages light workers to remain positive and know that this clearing is Divinely orchestrated and it is for the greater good of all concerned. It is best to surrender and allow the process to unfold. Keeping the body light by eating light and drinking right will be essential for this process. And spending time in nature will be helpful as well.

Thank you for your great work and dedication. Divine love for you always. Linda Li, Gaia, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is.

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