November 6th, 2019

Mother God explains why the Divine has evacuated the State of California

Dear children on earth, I am the Mother of all creation. I come today to give you a quick update. Due to the intense energies coming to the planet at this moment, Gaia/Mother Earth is in such an unpredictable position. That is why your Father and I have decided to evacuate the coastal region of the California and move the Divine presence out of the state.

California is one of the states where the earth quake lines running through it. It has a very venerable makeup. The entire state is in the direct path of the remapping process. And the population in the state is high. We want to give the souls in California enough time to move. That is the reason why I have evacuated the entire state of California and sent out the announcement personally.

Now, I understand that the human life tends to be quite predictable and you want the human existence to be permanent, and that includes the dwelling place and relationships. However, now, the planet is going through ascension. The whole process is going to take some serious time. During this period of time, things will change. Predictability no longer is a factor for the human life. In other words, your life will change based on the changes that the planet is going through. The planet will have so many rebuilding activities and that means the planet and human life will have to change dramatically one way or the other. The best solution for humanity is to adapt to the changes and be flexible.

You all have done this before dear heart. And that is why you have reincarnated again, at this time, and it is because you have the wisdom to handle this changing time. Deep down, you know how to live a life when the planet is going through ascension. You were selected to come here at this time is because you have done this before. And now you are here to show your brothers and sisters how to live a life on a changing planet.

I love you dear ones. Be the change agent you meant to be. And be the way shower your soul has signed up for. Know the planet is going through a lot of changes right now. And please help the planet with your beautiful light and love and be the Divine warrior your soul desires you to be. Go in peace dear angels. I am your Mother God. I love you. So it is.

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