October 1st, 2020

The first Divine Gathering Event

Dear beloveds, due to the change of the Divine plan and some individual soul plans, the Divine has decided to move forward with some parts of the overall plan. One of the parts that the Divine has given green light is the upcoming Divine Gathering event.

So, yes, the Divine gathering has been on the agenda for a while. And now we, the Divine are back on track and continue the momentum to assure a beautiful gathering. The Divine has done the planning and now we just need to get the information out and to bring our light workers to the first Divine Gathering.

This gathering is designed by the Divine and your Father God. the purpose of the Gathering is to get the critical light workers together and celebrate what they have achieved, and assigning the next mission to them. The mission critical ones have been called to come to the Gathering. Especially the ones whose mission is intertwined with the Divine and your Fatherís next phase. There are about a couple hundred of these critical ones that the Divine has brought here. These souls have gone through a great deal of training and now they are being called to serve.

Their mission will be extremely sensitive and time sensitive. They are the ones who will be the leaders for the upcoming time. They each have a Divinely coded program that the planet needs. Getting these programs and codes activated for the upcoming phase is definitely needed now. These individuals have been protected and nurtured and now their time has come. Their mission has been initiated. And coming to the gathering will serve the Divine and themselves in a way that only the Divine and these souls understand.

That being said, we, the Divine understand the current happenings on the planet, And making sure that our light workers are sound and safe is always our mission. The Divine knows how valuable our light workers are, and how we can keep our light workers safe. The Divine has employed an astronomical number of light beings above the planet to protect the light workers and to make sure that they are safe and the Divine plan runs smoothly. That has always been the case.

Now in the upcoming days, we, the Divine will call these mission critical light workers again. We want these souls to hear the message and conduct their Divine mission and come to the Divine gathering. If there is any reason that these souls cannot come to the Gathering, we, the Divine will do a thorough evaluation and let the light workers know the Divine decision.

So for now, dear ones, please heed the call and prepare to come to this important Divine gathering. It is your duty and time to shine. Know your mission is calling, and honoring your Divine mission is the basic requirement to be a Divine warrior. Know your Divine parents are the ones who are in the calling and honoring your Divine parents are required by the spiritual laws. The time has come. You are needed. Time to answer the call. The gathering will be from October 15th through 18th. The location will be in Warfordsburg Pennsylvania.

I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother God. So it is.

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