October 5th, 2020

The Divine has decided to modify the current Divine plan

Dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to modify the current Divine plan. What that means is that some parts of the Divine plan are being removed, and other parts are going to continue. The parts that are being modified is related to the Divine Gathering event. After serious consideration, we, the Divine have decided to make the Gathering an invitation only event. The invitations will be sent out to the ones that the Divine have chosen. And that is the Divine decision.

The reason that we, the Divine have changed the plan is, partially, because there are light workers who are not ready for the Gathering. And that is ok. The Divine is going to organize more gatherings in the time to come. Considering what is happening right now on the planet, the Divine has changed the approach. The Divine will pick the light warriors who have been done with their mission and currently waiting for the next phase. These light workers that are going to start their next mission very shortly.

Due to the changes to Divine plan, there are going to be some light workers who are starting their next task without the assigning ceremony. These ones have been assigned their new task already, and now they have started their new duties. Even though, they will not come to the gathering for the assigning ceremony, They know in their heart that their Divine Father God loves them. They know that they have started their next mission. They know that someday, they will be richly rewarded for their beautiful job well done. And they know that they are going to do a great job for their Divine self and their Divine Parents.

For the ones who have been invited to the gathering, the invitation is coming. The Divine has invited quite a few souls to the gathering. The Divine knows that these souls have important job ahead of them. The Divine and your Father God need to give these souls the assignment and give them the directions on how to proceed.

The Divine has also invited some souls to the Gathering. These souls will be the ones that fulfill their Divine destiny in the upcoming Divine Government. These souls have tremendous amount of the work ahead of them. They carry the Divine plan with them. Their Divine plan mainly covers the Divine government and the Divine. These souls are the critical ones. The Divine has invited them individually. each and every one of them has been chosen and now is the last step they need to take before they start their important mission.

I love you dear angels. The upcoming gathering event is very important for the overall Divine plan. In other words, the overall Divine plan highly depends on this gathering. The Divine and the company of heaven are working hard to get the preparations done so that once the time comes, we, the Divine will start gathering the light workers and that gathering time is almost here.

In the next couple of days, we, the Divine will continue to select the light workers for the gathering. The Divine wants the chosen ones to be ready. Once the time comes, the gathering will begin. And getting to the gathering place is highly individual, and, to some, it can be challenging. Please pray to have a smooth trip and please take the Divine message to thy heart and listen to the Divine within. Know the time is critical and it requires extraordinary measure to accomplish your Divine mission. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace and have a blessed day.

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