October 2nd, 2019

Mother God on The Imminent and Impactful Changes Occurring on Earth

Dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. I know that there are plenty of the Earth changes coming, and that will impact your life. Even though the planet has quite a lot of the changes right now. Still, there are tremendous amount of the more changes coming, and that requires your attention. Your Father and I are currently working to bring the changes here, and they are indeed coming in the upcoming time.

The planet, right now, is going through quite a bit of the upheavals. That is due to the fact that Gaia has been bringing up the old energies and patterns for releasing. Once these old energies are gone. Then the process can be done. But for now, the planet still has quite a bit of old energies. These old patterns need to be removed so that the new can be brought in.

Gaia has some of the most challenging events over the last centuries, and these events have caused tremendous amount of the dramas and horrors which are deeply buried in the core of the planet. Now, since the energies which have been coming to the planet, are doing a fantastic job to dig out these old energies and patterns, now they are about to be released. One scenario that the releasing of these old horrors can be manifested is the release of the current powers, the political systems which no longer serve the masses. I have repeatedly asked the Divine to remove these old patterns from Gaia and Mother Earth. Now the time has come. Finally, these old energies are going to be totally removed from Gaia and Mother Earth. Once this removal is done. We will have a much lighter planet. Humanity will have a much gentler governments and organizations. And the overall ascension process will be much easier.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. In the time to come, the planet is going to see the big changes. The planet has come to a point that the changes are imminent and these changes are going to be impactful. Pace yourself and let the changes come. Know they are Divine assigned and brought here by the Divine and the Christ. The Christ, your Father God has the say. He has decided that the time is now. He wants the planet to move upwards and forwards. He knows that the energies can no longer be staying on the planet. The time is now for these energies to go. And there is no longer any grace period. The planet has no more room for any mercy. The time is completely due and the souls who have done their horrors, now have to leave the planet. No more negotiations and no more delays. Your Father God has decided. Period.

Now, since the planet is so ready to let go of the old energies and patterns. Gaia has to let it go as well. Now Gaia is totally on board with the planet and the Divine is very happy for Gaia and Mother Earth. The planet is now literally has no tolerance for the old energies, and any time there is old patterns showing up, the releasing happens very fast. The process is quite automatic. Humanity has had enough I would say. And that is a sign of maturity and that maturity is indeed very encouraging.

I love you my angels on earth. I am your Mother God. Go in peace and have a peaceful day and week.