October 31st, 2019

Mother God on passing the torch

Dear ones, I am your Mother God. It is my deepest love for the planet and humanity that drives the ascension process. Yes, as you know that Gaia’s ascension has been going quite well. The Divine has been monitoring the entire operation carefully. Your Father God, the Christ, is the one who is totally in charge of the whole process, and he is indeed doing a beautiful job. For that, Gaia and the Divine are so grateful. We are so grateful that your Father God is here. And he has the management skills and knowledge about the planet. And that is why we have such a smooth process now. The entire operation is going smoothly. That is indeed a great news.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. I know that the Divine plan has changed. And some of my angels may have to be relocated. The geolocation for a light worker is as important as the light the soul brings in. Because the planet is literally being uplifted by the light workers. Some have better understanding of the situation and others may not. But the bottom line is that we need our angels to be spreaded wide and throughout the planet. Some have the important spots and others are working together as a group in order to keep the momentum going. The overall situation on the planet is quite intense. And we need the momentum to be smooth going Forward and that is why the Divine has decided to change some light worker’s positions so that eventually, the entire planet will be kept evenly by the light workers. And that is what is happening right now. The Divine has started relocating our light workers. And the process may take a few weeks or months in some cases. But nevertheless, we have confidence that our light workers will eventually be where they need to be for Gaia and humanity’s sake. That is the Divine plan for the next few weeks or so.

In terms of majority of the humanity, the mass ascension has begun. The rate of awakening is pretty astonishing. Some awakened quicker than others. But, overall, every human soul is in the process of awakening and that is the news your Father and I have been waiting for. We are thrilled that my children are coming home and the planet is ascending nicely. All is well indeed.

In the process of coming to the planet, I have learned about some light worker’s ascension stories. One way or the other, the ascension journey seemed to be quite dramatic. And the end result though, always are encouraging. No matter how hard the awakening process is, souls always find their way home. That makes the journey worthwhile and souls have learned so much on the journey.

Indeed, human life offers so much of the learning curves and souls always find the learning interesting. That is why the angels in heaven would love to come to this planet and experience the human life. The ones who have incarnated would have to accumulate so much of the goodwill in order to be picked to incarnate into this planet. That is why the opportunity of coming to Gaia is so precious and souls cherish this kind of opportunities, and try to gain as much wisdom as possible while they are here. Once souls are done the journey here, the wisdom they gain on the planet will be their achievement and souls always see that achievement as their highest accomplishment. Souls always feel so privileged to have the chance coming to the planet of Gaia and been a human. Souls are always appreciated the chance and that is why your Father has always been trying to improve the situations on the planet, and that is why he has always come and gone to make sure all the Divine incarnated souls are ok here.

Your Father God has been here for as long as the planet existed. And his incarnations will be honored throughout the planet. His entire journey to the planet earth is epic and humanity will forever remember that.

I love you dear ones. In the next few months, your Father God will have a great news. His human representative is going to merge as the leader for the mass ascension phase. He has the Divine authority and your Father God has given him the staff, like the staff Moses and Jesus had. He, now, has the staff in his hand and he has the Divine degree in his other hand. He is the legitimate leader now for the planet. He is the sole leader who has gained the Divine support and he is the only one your Father God has authorized for the upcoming time. He is going to be appointed by the Divine as the leader for the entire planet and human race. He is indeed the best. I am so excited for his journey ahead. And the entire Divine and the company of heaven, can not wait to be on his side and do whatever he needs and that is kind of support he has from the other side of the veil. He is indeed loved and greatly appreciated. We, the Divine have so much of the love for him. We indeed want his journey to be smooth and peaceful. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. So it is.