October 4th, 2019

Mother God on The Entire Ascension Process Being in Place

Dear children on earth, I am your Divine Mother, the Mother of all creation. It is such a pleasure to be on this beautiful blue planet, my beautiful daughter Gaia’s physical body and to experience human life. I am so amazed by what this planet can offer and how deeply rewarding the human life is.

Over the time, I have come and gone for the purpose of coming to the planet to exam the process of human life, and how much progress my children on earth have made. Regardless how often I come here, the planet always surprises me. The fact that my children on earth just grow by leaps and bounds, says something about the project your Divine Father has Started.

Your Father God wanted a place for the souls in the universe to grow and gain wisdom. He had tried different systems and places, but he was not satisfied with the results. Eventually, he decided using the planet earth and that is why the planet became the destiny for the Divine angels to come and play. The Christ has been working to improve the planet since day one. His intention is to have this planet to be the most challenging and yet growing place so that when souls come here, they will have a chance to grow and gain Divine knowledge and wisdom. He is right. This tiny planet now is the most challenging place in the entire universe. Souls have to go through extreme process in order to make it home. The entire planet becomes a school of the hard knocks and that has consequences. The consequences are that my children tend to get lost on the planet. Especially souls who are here for the first few times. They tend to get lost very quickly. There are just too many of the distractions and the temptations are just beyond what they can manage. That is something I have always worried. I want my angels to experience human life because there are so much the human life can offer. But I also want my children to be able to manage the life lessons when they come and safely return home when time is due. Over the time, I have realized that in order for my children to return home intact, I need to come and monitor them so that eventually, my children can go home. Nevertheless, still, some of my angels have lost and that is the price to pay for coming to this planet. I have literally learned the lesson the hard way. However, from now on, since Gaia has ascended, the planet no longer tolerated the low dense energies, and I have arranged places for my children to return once their journeys are over. And the chance that my children get lost has been eliminated. I am quite content now and feel that finally, Gaia and Mother Earth are in the place that was intended to be. Gaia is happy and that is most important thing for the entire process. We want Gaia to survive and to be happy and healthy so that from now on, any soul comes to Gaia, will have an easier time and be able to ascend home easily once the journey is over. Now the entire process is in place. It is an achievement the Divine has. And being the Mother of the entire planet and human race, it is the day I celebrate. I celebrate Gaia. And I celebrate the process Gaia has now for my angels. I celebrate the fact that your Father God has done such an amazing job for the planet and human race, and I celebrate. Celebrate the achievements the Divine has achieved, and the progress that the human race has made. It is an amazing journey I am having, particularly this lifetime because all the changes have come to fruition. Your Father God has amazing plans and they all panned out perfectly. I love you dear children on earth. I am your Mother God. My love for you is eternal. So it is.