September 4th, 2020

The Quantum jump has happened over the Pisces Full moon portal

Dear beloveds, the Divine has shifted the entire planet to the region where the great void resides. The planet now is being cradled with Divine love and being healed thoroughly.

Since the Pisces Full moon day, Gaia has literally ascended, and so has the entire planet and human race. We, the Divine have been cradling the planet and humanity to let repair happen. This time around, the plan is to heal all souls on the planet and the planet herself.

Once the healing is done, the planet and humanity will continue the rebuilding phase. We, the Divine have been working to map out the targets which are in need of rebuilding. Gaia, too, has been busy identifying the places that need rebuilding and thorough repair. What Gaia has decided to do next is to continue the rebuilding in her home land, the United States of America. Gaia has incarnated in a human form. She currently lives in America. She knows where in America She needs to fix and how to repair it. She has the map and she wants to get America repaired. So that is Gaia’s next move.

Once Gaia’s next move begins, the planet wide restoration will also continue. Some places along the oceans will have a lot of activities. You may see ocean waters rise substantially. Some places may have different kinds of activities related to Mother Earth. Activities like earthquakes are also in the picture. Countries along the Pacific will need to be vigilant about the earth changes because in this rebuilding process, changes on Mother Earth will happen at great scale that humanity has never experienced. Humanity will have to adjust their expectations about the planet and how the planet works. The planet has done the previous cycle and now is in a new cycle, a cycle of resetting and remapping. And that is something that humanity has to learn to live with and study about it. It is vital that the planet and humanity learn about the rebuilding process so that together, the planet and humanity can reduce and minimize the damages caused by this cycle of remapping process.

Now in the next few days or so, we, the Divine will start the movement again. Gaia has started her plan already, which means that the next round of changes will arrive soon. Gaia’s next round is very powerful. She needs to get the old energies out badly. Let’s send Gaia your beautiful light and let Gaia know you love her unconditionally. Know the planet is about to see yet another round of the changes. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace.

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