September 10th, 2019

Another wave of ascension energies are coming

The current atmosphere is very stable. Gaiaís ascension has gotten into a place where all the elements are very much in place and that is very pleasing news to the Divine. However, even though the ascension of the masses has already started, every individual soul group still has a lot of work to do. And there are some souls groups may have to start over again because the energies are just not enough for these groups to wake up. There are indeed few of the groups that are in the process of awakening. And the awakening process has been pretty smooth. That is why we, the Divine, have seen so much of the changes in some regions of the planet.

The regions where the mass awakening are happening, and this mass awakening will continue till the Divine feels that the energy can be slow down. The regions that need to start over again, the Divine is going to bring much stronger energies soon so that we can wake up these regions and souls. I have ordered a team of light workers to bring my love and light to the regions where my love is desperately needed so that these regions can wake up to their Motherís Love and start the ascension process.

The process the planet is going through, has been a demanding task for the Divine. And partially, it is because the planet has been in such a discord and for so long. Every inch of the planet seems to need the energy, and that demands Divineís time and effort. The Christ has been working in every part of the world. He has brought a great team of the ascension angels and they are just working nonstop to wake up the planet. As for today, there are still regions on the planet that wonít respond the Divine energies. These regions, traditionally, have not been able to have the Divine connection for long time. The Divine and the Christ have decided to use more of the Christ consciousness to wake up the souls in these regions. The Christ consciousness is the most powerful energy there is for humans. The planet has been filled with Christ consciousness for a while and that is why a lot of the souls woke up now.

In the next few days or so, Christ is going to start yet another wave of awakening process, particularly in the regions where needed the most. Christ wants the entire planet to wake up now. And he has a good reason for that. The planet has been literally ascended. The vibration has gone up to the point that souls will have to come with the planet. Otherwise, it is risky for the body. And for that, we, the Divine have decided to use another round of the ascension process to wake up the last bit of the planet and souls who are still sleeping. After that, the entire planet should have all be ready to leave the old energies and ascend to the 5th dimension with Gaia and Mother Earth. It is required for the souls to go up to the 5th dimension if the souls decided to participate in this round of ascension process. There are souls who have decided not to ascend, and their time have come. Their time to leave the planet is due very soon.

Once all the regions on the planet awakened, the Divine and the Christ are going to start the next phase and the planet is going to start the next process. Gaia has been waiting for a while. She wants the next phase to begin, and Mother Earth is ready as well. We are ready. The Christ has been literally working toward that goal and he wants to make sure all souls are ready and have a chance. That is why the Christ is going to send another round of the ascension energies to the regions where need it the most. He knows that his children are waiting and he wants to bring his children another chance.

I love you dear ones. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.