September 19, 2020

Equinox energies have arrived

Dear beloveds, the Fall equinox’s energy has arrived. The energy is very powerful indeed. The Divine says that the Fall Equinox’s energy is going to get stronger and stronger. Stay hydrated and centered. Know the energies are most potent and they are for the DNA activations and deep initiations for some light workers. The process is indeed needed and just in time for some light workers.

The Divine says that if you find yourself being initiated, that means your next mission is about to start. Just like any other cases, before the important mission begins, the light warriors will have, sometimes, extreme activations and initiations so that the energies can be downloaded to the aura field and the Divine knowledge can be activated and being ready for use.

The energies that are coming in through this equinox’s portal will activate a lot of the light workers. Especially the ones whose mission is about to begin. The critical light workers who have their Divine missions coded in their aura field may actually sense the activations going on. And that is ok dear ones. Know that your aura field has the Divine structure embedded. When the Divine energies like this Equinox’s energies arrive, you are automatically being activated, and, sometimes, without you knowing it. Your aura field has all the codes and they line up waiting for the energies to arrive.

Once the energies arrive, the codes in your aura field will be busy activating themselves with or without your low self’ knowledge. Once the activation process is done, you may need a couple of days to assimilate the newly activated DNAs and energies. And that means that your gifts will arrive simultaneously. And that is the process of growing your spiritual gifts and power. And this equinox will unfold a great deal of gifts for a lot of light workers.

Take care of thyself dear ones. And know that in the next few days, there are going to be a lot of the energies coming to the planet. Mother Earth, too, will have a great deal of changes. And that will also impact you and your life. Stay in the heart dear angels and stay grounded. Know the energies that are streaming in right now were designed for this time and they are indeed very powerful. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in peace dear ones. So it is.

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