September 24th, 2019

Divine Mother says the time has come

Your Divine Father has given the Divine order for the changes to come dear heart. Things have come to a point that your Father God has no choice but to make the decision. Your Father and I have agreed that the time is now. And we have to move forward with the next phase. The planet has come to a point that it needs Divine guidance. So your Father God did just that. He gave the planet an order. He had ordered the planet and the souls who are supposed to be leading the planet in this timeframe, to surrender their power to the Divine. He had asked the leaders who are not in the positions to help, to be removed so that the Divine Father incarnated can take up the challenge and start to lead the next phase of Gaiaís ascension. We, the Divine have agreed with your Father Godís decision and we want to make sure that your Father God incarnated soul can have a smooth process so that together, we get the next phase started. That is the news my children on earth.

Time has come my angels. You are going to see the big changes, and it is irreversible. The tide has changed. The changes are here. Your Father has spoken. He wants the changes now so that once the process starts, the Christ incarnated will have enough of the time for the next phase. He is ready. And he is in the process of getting to the top. From this point on, the Divine is going to make sure that your Father God incarnated will have a smooth ride and his transition to power is smooth. The Divine has planned out all the details. And the Divine will let the light workers know these details so that you will have a sense of what to come.

I love you dear heart. I am your Mother God. The event is here. From this moment on, things will happen very fast and dramatically. Pace yourself and make sure that you are following the Divine guidance. It is crucial that you have the road map in time like this. It is important that you keep the momentum going and keep the contact with your circle of friends and light workers. Make sure you know what is happening around you and make sure you get the Divine news so that you can always act in the most safest ways possible.

Be the love dear ones for your brothers and sisters. Be the peace you always are. Know time has come. Your family has the most need of you in time like this. So branch out to your human family and your Soul families. Know you are all in the protection of the Divine. Your Father and I are here. We will make sure my angels will be alright in the time to come. It is vital that you keep your connection with the Divine going and that connection is everything.

I love you dear children on earth. I am your Divine Mother. I am here among you, and your Father is here as well. He is destined to be the leader of the next phase of Gaiaís ascension. He has ordered the planet to start the next phase. And he is ready. We are officially starting the next phase. Gaia has agreed with the decision as well. All has been ready. And now is the time. Time has come indeed. Be the peace dear heart. Know your presence is so powerful and just be, be the beautiful you for Gaia and the planet. And be your mighty self dear ones. That is all you need to do for the moment. Know when things happen, just be. Be my mighty angel and be the powerful presence of the Divine dear heart. I am your Mother God. I love you my angels. Go in peace. So it is.