September 24th, 2020

Equinox portal is closed, and Gaia's rebuilding continues

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come today with important news. The equinox portal is closed. The energies that are coming to the planet now are different.

Since the Equinox, we, the Divine have brought a great deal of Universal love energies to the planet, energies that have great impact on the planet and all souls on the planet. The energies that are now pouring in are Gaia’s ascension Rays and the intensity of the ascension Rays is going to increase daily.

The reason that we have changed the type of incoming energies is because Gaia wants to continue the ascension process, specifically the rebuilding phase. Gaia has the plan and she feels now is the time to focus on her plan. Therefore, we, the Divine closed the equinox portal and switched gears, and now are focusing on Gaia’s restoration process again.

Gaia has asked the Divine to continue the rebuilding phase. What she has designed for the next few weeks is to focus on the Western hemisphere, specifically the ocean front and coastal regions. She has been purging the coastal regions of the United States. And now she feels the purging has done the purpose. And she wants to move forward with the rebuilding process. Rebuilding Gaia’s oceans can be a very serious undertaking. It involves a great deal of human lives and animal lives. The planet has developed a life pattern for considerable time, and all of a sudden changes come, and these changes will interrupt human lives and the patterns humanity has gotten used to.

The Divine has considered the human tendency and how humanity functions in terms of eating habits and consuming habits. Gaia understands that humanity needs oceans and marine species to survive. After Gaia’s considerations and consultations with the Divine and the animal kingdom, Gaia has come up with a remedy for the planet and humanity in terms of consumption of animals and Gaia’s marine life.

At the moment, Gaia has agreed to allow the planet to continue the consumption of marine life till a later time when the process requires the adoption of a new lifestyle. But for now, Gaia knows that the planet and humanity still need to survive and consumption of the animals is basically required for some. The basic consumption is needed. And Gaia has agreed with the consumption for the time being. However, the consumption of Gaia’s marine life is only for a limited time. Once Gaia’s rebuilding process gets to a point where animals need protection, the Divine laws will kick in and then Gaia’s marine life will be no longer available for the planet and humanity. It is just at the moment that Gaia has given the planet a period of time to adjust and adopt. And that grace period has just begun.

I love you dear angels. Gaia’s ascension has become necessary for souls on the planet. In other words, all souls on the planet have to start their ascension work. Ascension energies are strong and any soul whose purpose is to ascend has been impacted by the energies. The only way to manage the ascension energies is to do the ascension work and spiritual practices. no more slack is allowed. The Time has arrived for the ascensioners. Any delay or slack will hinder the ascension journey and the result of that can be risky for some. Heed Gaia’s ascension call dear angels and know that it is time to hunker down and do your ascension work.

Your ascension time has arrived dear children on earth. And it requires serious work. No more delays. know that Your journey ahead is all about ascension. The purpose of your existence has changed. Your life has entered in to a new chapter and this new chapter is all about physical ascension.

Gaia’s ascension has come to a point where all souls are required to start the ascension work. The vibration of the planet has gone so high that any negligence will cause physical ascension delays. Some may already be delayed in the process. However, now Any delays will have prices to pay. Souls have learned their lesson and now no souls are allowed to delay the ascension journey. It is a spiritual law that all souls on the planet need to focus on ascension. Any delays will be risky to break the spiritual laws. Your soul has been summoned and notified, and that is the bottom line.

I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace now.

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