September 25th, 2020

The Divinely designed Gathering in mid October

Dear beloveds, I want to share something that you may or may not be aware of at the moment. As you know, the Divine has sent out clarion calls for quite some time now. The calls basically are the same. The messages are loud and clear. The Divine wants a group of light workers to get ready for their mission.

The group of the light workers the Divine keeps calling are the mission critical ones. These light workers were assigned critical Divine missions even before they incarnated on the planet. In other words, they have agreed to come to the planet at this time to fulfill critical missions for the Divine sake and humanityís sake.

Now, even though these light workers have been assigned critical missions, and they came in human form, some of them seem to have trouble remembering their mission or even if some remember their mission, their ego appears in the way. So at the end of the day, a lot of these light workers have no recollection of their critical mission, not mentioning fulfilling their mission. And that is the tragic part.

After consulting with your Father God and the Divine team, what we have decided to do next is to gather these light workers together so that we, the Divine and your Father Christ will have a chance to remind these light workers about their mission and start the selection process.

The selection process is designed to pick light workers for the Divine plan and Divine government. The Divine has picked a few already but we need more for the upcoming time. Your Father will also need to choose his inner circle and the Divine government members. He has the names but he is also inclined to meet them in person. This Gathering will provide him the opportunity to do that.

The Divinely designed Gathering will be in mid October In the State of Pennsylvania. The climate on the planet is quite intense. I know some light workers may feel hesitant to participate and joining the event. The Divine understands the sentiment and has a great deal of the empathy for the light warriors. After serious consideration, we have chosen to host the event in outdoor settings. Everything will be set up for the purpose of being safe and healthy. All the facilities are designed for an outdoor gathering. And even the meals are fully designed to be served outdoors. So, all the preparations are almost done. The facilities are also in place. The Divine feels that all that considerations have been considered. We now have a full functioning outdoor gathering place and it is ready for you dear ones. Please consider joining us. Know it is critical that you come and learn about your next mission and how important your mission is. Keep in mind that the Divine will also choose the light warriors for Divine Motherís future mission. The stakes are high for all involved and that is why we, the Divine insist to have this gathering no matter what.

Please come and join us dear ones. Be ready for your next mission. Get ready for the Divine government and know the next few weeks are critical. It is time to get everything ready, including you dear ones, because you are part of the mission. And you are indeed needed. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

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