September 30th, 2020

Some souls have been working against the spiritual laws

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with an important message. In the last couple of days, the Divine has been reorganizing the Divine team. Some Divine team members are in the process of leaving the planet. In the process of reorganizing the Divine team members, we, the Divine have learned that there are some souls who have been working against the spiritual laws. In doing so, they have to face the consequences and that will happen in the next few days. Meanwhile, we, the Divine are continuing the reorganization and ensuring the integrity of the Divine plan. And that is the news.

Dear angels on earth, I love you. The Divine has a tremendous amount of help in place. The planet earth now is being surrounded by Divine angels and the number of helpers is astronomical. It is Divineís will that the planet will be liberated. Meanwhile, the population on the planet will be preserved. That is the Divine plan and that is why the Divine has been working patiently so that all aspects are being considered and the planet is safe and human life can be continued.

Now, in some light workers conversations, some claimed to be from channeled messages, and there are rumors that we will have the whole planet evacuated, and that has never been the plan dear ones. There has not been any plan for such a dramatic measure. The Divine has planned For all sorts of scenarios for Gaiaís restoration phase. However, none of these scenarios related to total evacuation. That kind of scenario is not in the book dear ones.

Now, yes, we have a great deal of upheavals ahead of us. Yes, Mother Earth is going to have tremendous changes. And yes, humanity will have to live with the changes. That all is going to happen and that is all true. But, evacuating the whole planet is just not possible. The Divine has never planned that. Gaia has never wanted that to happen. Gaia knows what the planet needs and what we, the Divine, can do so that together, we fix the issues and ascend the planet well. In terms of the rumors and why there is so much misinformation, we, the Divine have invited the spiritual law enforcers, Mighty Sanat Kumara and your Father Christ to conduct the investigation. We need to get the bottom of the misinformation so that our light workers will have clear information and know what they are dealing with and what the outcome will be.

After the initial investigation, your Father has decided to take a couple of light workers home. He said that he has gotten to the source of the misinformation and he desires to bring these individuals home. We, the Divine have agreed with your Fatherís decision and now these souls are on their way home.

There are spiritual laws in place dear ones. Spiritual laws are designed for the planet, especially for times like now, and all souls have to follow these laws. That is the only way that we, the Divine and the company of heaven can repair the planet and usher in the Golden Age.

In the upcoming time when the planet starts the Golden Age, the first thing the planet will have to learn is the spiritual laws. These laws will be the guiding principles of daily life. Every human being will have to study these laws and follow these laws. Any attempt to break these laws will risk a soulís existence. That is how serious the matter is.

In terms of the light workers community, following the spiritual laws are paramount and extremely important. Any light worker who attempts to break the laws will set back the Divine plan and personal soul development. The Divine plan has so many intricate parts in it, And There are a lot of the light workers whose soul mission is also part of the overall Divine plan. Any time there is an interruption of a light workerís mission, there will be an interruption to the overall Divine plan. That is the design and that is how the Divine plan works.

So in order for the overall Divine plan to go smoothly, and in order for the individual soul plan to go smoothly, please study the spiritual laws dear ones and please be conscious about what you say and do, and please follow the laws religiously. The spiritual laws are above all souls. There are no exceptions. It doesnít matter what and who you think you are, when you break the laws, you will face consequences. That is just how the spiritual laws work.

In the next couple of days, the Divine will make a decision on what needs to be changed in the Divine plan and the Divine team. We, the Divine will also bring in some Divine guidance so that all the positions are intact. Any issues that need to be taken care of will be fixed so that we, the Divine can continue to move forward with the overall Divine plan. For now, we, the Divine Will just let the planet and you, dear ones know what is going in behind the scenes and why we have stopped the operation for now.

Once this matter is taken care of, the operation will continue and the divine plan will move forward. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear ones. So it is.

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