September 5th, 2019

Divine Mother God on The Current Release of Energies for The Collective

Divine Mother God says that the current energies are doing a great job in terms of getting rid of the old energies and patterns. It is just in the process that the human lives will be impacted and some may be totally destroyed and to be reestablished. That is the nature and the cycle, and the planet earth has been through this cycle in the past. You all have been through this in your past lives. You know, deep down, how to live a human life on the planet when the planet is going through ascension. You all have that knowing in you and you all have been here before dear ones.

The reason you are here in this lifetime is because the Divine has trained you in the past. You all have gone through strenuous trainings in order for you to be here at this moment. Your soul knows that. And that is why the Divine has chosen you as part of the Divine angels team showing up on the planet in this ascension cycle. You all are hand picked, and you all are my precious love and dear children. I am your Divine Mother. I know that you are feeling the wounds and hurts of the collective, and I also know that you are my great warriors,you will lift up, not just thyself, but also the collective. That is your expertise. That is why you are here. You are here for your brothers and sisters. You are here for Gaia/Mother Earth. And you are here because you have what it takes to get the job done. You have been chosen for this time. You have been trained for this cycle of ascension. You are the ones that the Divine has called heroes, and you are the ones the planet and humanity will always remember.

I love you dear ones. Go and help the planet and humanity. Be the peaceful influence the planet needs and be the love you are. You are the light house for the souls who travel in the dark right now. And you are the hope of the planet and humanity. You are indeed the chosen people of God, and you are the ones the planet has been waiting for. Go in peace my precious children on earth. I am your Divine Mother. I love you beyond measure.