September 6th, 2019

Divine Decree on Gamma Rays and Ascension

Dearly loved children of Gaia, we, the ascended masters and company of heaven, have monumently important news to share with you today. Yes, full moon is important, Blood moon is important, but what we share is more important and we hope you heed it, and ponden on it and remember it with your heart and soul.

So, what is the message we bring? Dear ones, what bring is Divine Motherís love and wish and Divine Mother/Fatherís decree. Yes, Divine has decreed that very soon, the planet population will be awakened to a whole new realm, we would go that far and say a whole new spectrum of light. Yes, you heard the term Gamma Ray Wave X. Yes, indeed, the planet is coming to a whole new place, a whole new vibration and the population is going to wake up and realize that somehow they feel different, their heart is all of a sudden yearning for something, something they have not yearned before, and that something is Divine Motherís love.

Yes, Motherís children are going to wake up and look for Motherís love, yearning for Motherís love and this time they will get it, feel it and their heart finally will open to it, and that is what is going to happen this time around, and that is what this ascension is about. It is about Motherís children suddenly waking up to Motherís love, and waking up to their divinity within and waking up to their love to Mother/Father God and their divine sisters and brother and their divine family, their origin, and that is all going to happen from this point on, and in the next year and half. The reason we say year and half is because it takes some time for all the different groups of souls to wake up, and it takes some time for the deep sleepers to awake than the lights slumbers. But they are all due this time, all due to wake up to the roses, and see their true beauty and their own divinity, and that is fundamental and that is the news.

It is the first time in human history to have such a gigantic population, all of a sudden wake up to their divinity within, first time ever. And that is why we, the ascended masters and company of heaven and Divine, are all on high alert, watching over billions of souls on the planet day and night, adjust the incoming powerful Rays and make sure it is being altered to suit population at large as well as the light workers in general.

Till now, the intensity basically level up and the light coming in from now on will be consistent for a while till we see the result we anticipated and Mother had designed, and we may have adjustment by then. But for now and from now on, the intensity will be like this for a while, we wish you to heed the message and work with it, not running from it because you can not run away from Motherís love. It is every where, and it is in everything, it is the fundamental element of you and everything else on the planet. It is the love existing in the universe, the only love and true love. And it is you and your divinity.

Dear ones, that is the message we brought today. Yes, it is intense. We can feel it and we can feel you as well. We heard you and we heard your prayers. We understand adjustment is not always easy, but dear hearts, it is the process, process of this great shift and process of enlightenment. What we can advise you is to relax and breathe. Breathe in Motherís love and breathe out everything not serving you the highest good, just breathe and let the energy flow through you and anchor into Gaia. Breathing has tremendous calming and healing effects as you know, breathing is also the way to connect with Divine, with the Mother/Source. Keep breathing and let everything else go and know all will be well, all is planned out and all is for the best of the planet and for the best of you all. And that is Motherís plan, Motherís wish and Divineís order.

So, keep breathing dear ones. Know we love you. We watch over you, we are diligently working out all the kinks to make sure the Gamma Ray can come into the planet as smooth as possible. Let it in and dance with it, breathe it and know it is Divineís gift and Divine Motherís love for Gaia and her children. It is essential for Gaiaís shift and your enlightenment. Without it, you wonít be able to achieve enlightenment, not in physical form. So, take advantage of it, breathe it and let it do the wonders for you. You are in for a great treat from the Mother. And that is all matters.

We love you dear ones. We know what it means going through physical ascension without years of serious training. But with Divineís help, all is possible and all is happening. Let it happen. Let Divineís gift sink in and let enlightenment come to the planet, a planet that is so deserving and a planet is so loved by you and divine. Let it all happen dear ones, and it is time, and it is happening, we are thrilled and overjoyed indeed. So it is.