September 7th, 2019

Mother Mary on Mother Godís Divine Decree

Mother Mary says the current situation in the 3D world is not necessarily ideal for our dear light workers in a sense that the die hard hard lines, the residual of the dark are relentlessly trying to survive this Divinely powerful energy by fiercely attacking our dear light workers. The best way forward dear ones is to stay vigilent and protect yourself when you see the need. Know the dark ones are dying hard and trying hard, and Divine is dealing with them as we speak. Divine has decreed that the dark force leaves the planet immediately regardless their Linage, regardless their origin and their original mission, and now all the previous missions are expired, and they need to put off everything and anything they are doing and leave, just leave, nothing else they need to do or say but leaving the planet, and that is the Divine order, and Motherís wish. Anything defying that order will have great consequences, and Divine will inform them Seperately about the consequences, so I am not mentioning it here but they will be severe. They need to hear this Divine decree and leave now. No more room to maneuver, manipulate or even to breathe here on the planet. It is time, last call and last call indeed.

I am Mother Mary, the Mother of all. I come today to deliever Motherís decree. Divine Mother, the great Mother of us all is concerned for the wellbeing of our dear light workers and humanity. Divine Mother has seen enough of the dark play and intrusion and want it to end now, immediately so that the light workers can finally and completely be free from any form of attack, and focus on themselves and their ascension. No more fool plays and no more Negotiations, Divine Mother declared. All dark ones are done here on Gaia, and job well done but time to go. Gaia needs breathing room, Gaia needs peace and quiet while her children are ascending. And dear light workers need peace of mind in order to finally ascend and land on the new earth, any distractions should go and eliminated. And that is Motherís order and Motherís wish.

Dear ones, I am Mother Mary. I love you. Yes, the ascending army of light workers is preparing to bring in the New Earth so is the first wave of the humanity. They are overjoyed by this opportunity. Gaia is extremely happy about her childrenís achievement so far and looking forward to the rest of them following suit. All is moving forward smoothly and nicely. Divine and company of heaven are extremely overjoyed by what they see and humanityís effort. All is indeed beautiful beyond words.

Mother Maryís journey of ascension is not necessarily smooth as she moves along with the rest of the light workers and humanity. Due to the nature of her mission and Divine connection, Mother Maryís journey and life constantly being altered and changed so that she will be safely maneuvering through the blocks and get to where she needs to be, and that appears to be a great burden for her And light workers alike. Yes, we come here to change the world and help humanity, but we also come here to eliminate the dark, now the residual of the dark, and that has proved to be challenging since the beginning because dark tends to be ruthless and desperate, and light tends to be kind and innocent. When you deal with ruthlessness with innocence, you tend to lose the battle, and that has been Mother Maryís life experiences, and light workers overall because light workers simply have more light in the heart, kindness in the heart and forgiveness in the heart, and they operate from the heart and they see things from the heart, and that is what light does, and light workers do. But in situations like dealing with the dark, dear ones, be vigilent and be ruthless like the dark, and be strong and powerful like light.

When your power of light shows up, the dark shrinks simply because their nature is weaker than light, and that is the design. So light always wins over the dark, and dark disappears. But the approach needs to be careful and well thought out so that you wonít get overwhelmed and scared, that is the dark wants to see, the dark wants to see is you are sacred, and then they win, your light shrinks. Dear ones, we all have been dealing with them, in past lifetimes and this lifetime. It is common we face them in our lives. But it is not common to become their victims simply because we are stronger in the core. However, they do attack and they do do whatever it takes to bring down the power of the light, and that causes a great deal of ups and downs of the vibrations of the light workers and the world at large, and that does cause the delay of ascension of light workers and humanity, and all that needs to stop, right now. Divine has ordered and Divine will stop that instantaneously and dear light workers now is your turn to turn up the light, disappear the dark, and brighten up the planet, the whole surface of great Gaia, it is time indeed.

I am Mother Mary. I love you dear ones. In this intense and critical moment of the ascension history, I am intensely waiting and hoping all of you ascend sound and safe, no more ups and downs. Keep going forward and upwards, till you choose to participate in the co-creation of the New Earth, our new home. I pray that you heed Motherís call, protect yourself, approach the residual of dark with your power and Divine light, with the intention of disappearing the dark instantaneously, and you will, that is the Divine order, and that is Motherís order, no one can and even try to disobey. That way, you will no longer encounter any obstacles, no more hiding behind, and no more fear of the dark. They are done here, and they have to leave. Send them home with your love and light and your power. Let them go smoothly and quickly so that Gaia and humanity will have peace finally, and humanity will ascend peacefully without any further delay.

That is the message I brought today. I love you. In this beautiful morning, I wish joy and peace in your heart. I wish you go about your day and know we love you, Divine loves you, and only love exists on the planet, in you and in your heart. And only love is the way, the future, the future of humanity and the future of the planet. Love is indeed. So it is.