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DNA Activation - Azurite Press

Posted by Darshana Sanrakshak Shambhala on December 12, 2010 at 6:09pm in DNA Activation

We all have within us the potential for more active strands of DNA than the usual two that scientists study today. Some of the elements for these additional strands can be found in the fragmented "junk" DNA that has yet to be scientifically explained. What is often called “DNA activation” is actually a process of healing and reassembling these fragments and plugging them into other, non-physical etheric components that connect with our higher dimensional selves.

Although we all have the potential to assemble 12 strands (or more) of DNA, full activation of these strands can only happen during certain evolutionary time periods.  Right now there is no one on Earth who has more than 3.5 strands fully active, including those who may have already assembled more strands. The Azurite Press website offers techniques to facilitate the assembly of additional DNA strands, and provides information to prepare individuals for the fast-approaching period when full strand activation will be possible.

These free techniques are made available to all with the aim of providing the basic tools necessary for individuals to empower themselves and regain their full potential through understanding exactly how DNA assembly and activation occur. True DNA activation is ultimately a matter of gradually building one's own multi-dimensional awareness and abilities through one's own efforts. It is a journey towards wholeness and higher frequency attunement that becomes a reality only when individuals have become autonomous and self-empowered.



In 1999 A'sha-yana Deane published Voyagers I & II, introducing what were new ideas to most readers, but ideas that struck a memory chord in many. Besides giving a detailed overview of the history of our planet, the series (translated from the Cloister-Dora-Teura (CDT) Plates) also introduces the fundamentals of Keylontic Science, describing a 15-Dimensional universe (Time Matrix) where humans once were able to move between dimensions while maintaining full awareness of all of their multi-dimensional selves. This was possible because humans then had 12 active strands of DNA, with each strand connected to a specific dimension and the 12th belonging to that of their Christos Avatar Self. This is the “Angelic” template that all humans had originally been born with, hence the name “Angelic Humans.”

The Voyagers books also describe how 11 of these DNA strands were disconnected from the 12th and higher strands, and the Angelic template distorted as a deliberate move by certain higher dimensional beings (Fallen Angelics) to disempower and control both Angelic Humans and the planet. It is a tale of intrigue and betrayal that has played out over millions of years with one goal in mind: to take over planet Earth during something called a Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC). During the SAC Earth would complete its evolutionary cycle and begin its Ascension back to Source, with the final transitional shift expected to occur from 2000 to 2012–17.

The SAC began its countdown on schedule in 2000 with the anchoring of the 12th Dimensional Maharata Current, bringing with it a steady infusion of higher frequencies that alarmed those controlling the planetary drama behind the scenes. With each new set of frequency infusions more of the disconnected DNA within the human template began to reconnect, and memories of the original template with all its potential powers began to return.


The remembering process began first with a group of individuals who were actually born with more than the 12 strands of the Angelic template. These individuals are known as Indigos. They have come into this Time Matrix specifically to work together with the Angelic Humans in assisting the planet during the SAC transition, despite the dangers involved. In doing so they risked forgetting why they came, since they needed to enter bodies that carry the same distortions that the Angelic Human template carries—distortions that wipe out all memories of previous lifetimes and block communication with the higher dimensional selves.

The additional DNA strand templates carried by Indigos, assist them in countering the innumerable distortions within the DNA. These extra strands help them to activate their own strands more rapidly—and in turn to down-step their activations to Angelic humans through the energetic connections both groups share. The additional DNA strands also help them to see more quickly through the misinformation surrounding them, and to remember why they have come into this Time Matrix in the first place. (If you have read this far, you are probably one of these Indigos who came in to help the planet and all life forms through the coming SAC.)

With greater DNA activation comes higher dimensional awareness and higher sensory perception. But due to the distortions on the planet, the process continues to be a slow, challenging one, requiring extra effort to dismantle the blockages. In order to make the shift during the coming SAC—and to assist others in this process—the distortions need to be healed quickly so the activations can occur.


For eons we have become used to feeling disempowered and looking outside of ourselves for help, easily believing that we cannot clear these distortions ourselves or activate our own DNA. We have historically been taught to think we need others to heal us. In fact, lasting healing can only be accomplished through our OWN EFFORTS, and an intrinsic part of the activation process involves understanding this. The more we learn to take back control over our lives, the more our frequency levels increase and the greater our DNA activation.

There are also dangers associated with looking to others for assistance. The same forces that caused the original distortions in our templates are still at play, requiring discernment on our part in our healing process. As the final stages of the SAC approach the stakes have gotten higher, with increased efforts being made to keep Angelic Humans and Indigos unaware of what has happened to us. When we ask others for healing our auric fields automatically open up, not just to the healer but also to possible outside interference, providing opportunities for infiltration and manipulation—and further distortions.

These dangers can increase exponentially through remote healing, which takes place primarily in the 4th Dimensional astral level. No matter how many DNA sub-strands the healer or client has assembled—and no matter how high the person's potential for activation may be—without full strand activation they are no match for the interference currently found at the astral level. And full activation is not possible before 2012–17. Not only can DNA Codes be altered with Holographic Inserts during a remote healing session, but they can actually be reversed as well.



After publication of the Voyagers books, by A'sha-yana, information focusing on Kathara Healing®, as a way to safely speed up the DNA activation process, began to be returned to the planet. Primarily through live workshops that are now available in DVD format, she started looking more deeply into the Structure of the Universe, tracing its origins from the first moment of the out-picturing of Source, down to the 3-D physical world in which we now find ourselves. Through detailed geometrical diagrams the manifestation process has been explained in all of its various ramifications. This has given us the knowledge we need to manifest for ourselves the higher frequencies that enable us once more to integrate our full awareness and regain our original wholeness.

In our present Time Matrix, distortions exist in all of the dimensions, up to 11.5. Only Dimensions 12 and higher are pure and undistorted. Fortunately, the Dimensional 12 (D-12) or Maharata frequencies can be easily accessed now by using the Maharic Seal technique. Once the Maharata frequencies have been anchored in the template, even higher frequencies can then be accessed for more advanced healing and DNA activation. For example, higher frequencies using specific Symbol Codes and Tones are usually necessary for overriding long-term conditions related to certain implants such as the Jehovian Seals (J-Seals), Merkaba Field imbalances and other very specific distortions.

Although the focus of Kathara Healing® is self-healing, it can also be used as a healing modality for others. Even so, the primary role of the Kathara Healing® Facilitator is to enable others to heal themselves, teaching them the same techniques the facilitator uses. When more direct healing is requested, the Kathara Facilitator works with the individual's Christos Avatar—and always one-to-one in the same physical space. All healing begins first with the Maharic Seal and the D-12 Maharata frequencies, with other frequencies being brought in where needed. Instant healing is never promised because each individual's pace is determined by their own Avatar working in accordance with their own current frequency level.



Thanks to these teachings—the Freedom Teachings—D-12 and higher frequencies can now be used by anyone willing to incorporate them into their templates. These are called Freedom Teachings because their purpose is to provide the knowledge that will assist us to finally free ourselves from the distortions that have impeded us for so many lifetimes. The freedom that this knowledge brings will also enable us to assist many life forms on the planet to continue the journey to wholeness if they so choose.

Since the second edition of Voyagers was published in 2002 the planetary situation has dramatically shifted. Although an immense body of information has become available at an astounding rate, this has not been enough to keep up with the higher dimensional technologies that have been created to prevent the natural Ascension of Earth and its life forms. Planet Earth is now in a state of crisis, with the prospects of a successful SAC seriously compromised.

However, with this turn of events has also come a wave of newer, more powerful frequencies that will allow us to heal at levels of our being that we could only have dreamt of in a “normal” SAC. New teachings and techniques are now being given that will allow us to evolve more rapidly than we had previously thought possible. And Indigos will be playing an essential role in the planetary happenings between now and 2012, helping to bring in needed higher frequencies and continuing to down-step these to the Angelic humans who, in turn, will down-step them to the planet.



Even if you aren't sure you are an Indigo, if you are asking the above questions you came into this world with a soul contract to help others in some way. Activating your own DNA is the first step towards doing this, and is something that can be greatly accelerated by making use of the Suggested Technique Sequence on the Azurite Press website. There you will find all the techniques you will need to begin, rapidly yet safely, your own healing process. For more general information about the Freedom Teachings, the Newcomers Route Map offers a wide range of materials that explain the Teachings in more detail.

If you are looking for like-minded people with whom you can share your experiences, you can join the Keylontic Science E-group, just follow link at the bottom of the Azurite Press home page. Here experienced volunteers and recognized teachers associated with the Freedom Teachings maintain an open and dynamic discussion group for the prime purpose of assisting in the development of greater personal understanding. News on the most recent planetary developments, time-specific techniques and other information is also available to e-group members.

Self-healing and DNA activation have many benefits that can be experienced in one's own immediate life, from increased wellbeing to higher-dimensional awareness. As we heal ourselves and increase our own capabilities we also create a resonating field of high frequency that can help others, often without our—or their—conscious awareness. And when we take control of our own spiritual growth, becoming stronger and more focused in our own abilities, it will become increasingly clear to each of us what our next step should be.

It is quite possible to “be in the world and not be part of the world,” but only if we are willing to find out how our power has been taken from us and what we can easily do to begin to take it back.