“The time of waiting and believing is over NOW and is giving way to the time of doing, of taking action! It is time to act NOW and to deliver your contribution for which you came to this Earth in the first place. NOW is the time to manifest it all. No longer thinking nor doubting, but actively participating!”

~ Agartha (July 24 2012)


Dated: Mon, 28 May 2001

To All Sentient Beings,

My destiny on Earth has been meticulously planned and hatched into the present timeline. My main mission is to deliver God's Messianic Messages through the Internet. These Messages are meant to be read by people across the globe regardless of their racial, religious or cultural background. My main purpose is to awaken you to the realisation that WE ARE ONE, that you are the essence of GOD, the co-creator and that the Golden Age has arrived. Mother Earth (Gaia) and Humanity together are transforming into Multi-Dimensional Beings bringing Heaven On Earth Now!

From: Six hundred threescore and six