January 12, 2020

They're trying to turn Earth into their planet

I post this post from time to time just to jolt awake those still so asleep...

This is from a very AWAKE friend of mine and like Iíve said many times "they're trying to turn Earth into their planet." A low frequency planet that consists of war and suffering. We are a total different species from them we cannot exist on a planet terraformed for them. Look around we're all dying of sickness and disease, our children are becoming brain damaged thru vaccinations and chemicals...wake up humans because we're running out of time.

"The Archons have Terra-formed everything. Ever hear that you should cure cancer with Chemo-Therapy because you might be the 1 in a million who get's cured, well sure if you are that 1 Archon out of a million humans are using Chem-Trails to make this planet more hospitable for the Archons. The Religion of the Archons makes them rich, powerful and wise while our Religions make us stupid, submissive and passive slaves. Their politics rule the planet, completely in secret, while our politics are nothing but cartoons of puppets with no power. Their medicine makes them healthy and well, while our medicine makes us sicker and dead and shortens our lives. Their food (GMOs) make them healthy and thin, while it makes us fat, slow and sick. Their TV (Sci-fi) is informative while our news consist of cartoons, clowns, lies and humor. Fluoride makes them strong and smart, while it gives us Alzheimer and makes us stupid and cancer ridden and isolated from our higher selves. Vaccines makes our children autistic and sick while making them more tasty for a Archons breakfast. The Hepatitis B Vaccine tags our children only 5 hours (neonates) old with nano-bots, the mark of the beast making them the pets of the Archons. Cell towers and wifi charges their batteries while making us sick with cancers. Their advertising has symbolism which makes them wise purchaser's, while making us submissive emotional idiots of debt. Plastics (BPA) makes them sexy, while making our women sterile and turning our men into little girls. Their schools make them executives, while ours make us barely qualified to serve Archons and fools little girl corpses disguised as Mac Donald's hamburgers. Aluminum charges the nano-bots that make us sick, submissive and stupid, making us the servant's of the Archons. Our wars make the Archons rich behind the scenes, while our religions justify the murders of each other under the banner of war. You fools say you want your country back, you want this planet back, you want a better life for your children? Well, then Wake Up and fight with the only vote you have left. YOUR INTELLIGENCE, Itís a sickness, a mental sickness pulled over the eyes of the minds of the weak., LOVE, EMPATHY AND HOW YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY. Stop financing your own Genocide."