January 15, 2020

The language of Light

The avatars and masters have permeated the grid work of our world and bringing the tools with them for teaching that are being utilized in the form of artifacts and symbols that are not from this dimension. Symbolic forms that have a life of their own. They make up whatís called the Language of Light.

We are implanted with a structure, a geometric forum which triggers certain information within you. It also facilitates those that are working with you (your guides) the sending of information directly into your consciousness. A large majority of you reading this are implanted and if not now you will be shortly if you open up and align yourself. No one is implanted who doesnít choose it.

This Light language is used to facilitate the receiving of energy and information to progress your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or the Internet. It involves the belief that there is a hierarchy immense beyond our comprehension that has been working with humanity from the very beginning.

This hierarchy works with love, works with who you are and the consciousness of the planet to help with this evolutionary leap we are entering. The cells in your body have the information and history of the entire Universe and we are starting to recover that memory and information coming from deep down in your DNA cellular memory. Ideally, you will learn from this Golden Library and how to read it which resides within you hopefully in this lifetime.

This Language of Light is a collection of experiences from those who have incarnated on this planet. We are receiving Light communication in the form of symbols in grain fields all over this planet. These imprints are frequencies, not a process or action. There is a story, a language that is being implanted on this planet through symbols.

These symbols establish a certain frequency and are going to increase in this 3d reality. Meaning, many portals are being opened to bring about the higher evolution on Earth. You all know at one point Earth was sealed off and put in quarantine because of a negative take over that fought here with destructive wars. This was a time that creator Godís fought creator Godís for planetary control. And unfortunately the Light doesnít always win.

Light is not always the victor, light must integrate with all portions of itself. Prime Creator is within all things and Light and Dark are part of the Creator.

Time has orchestrated and brought events together since the last great wars on this planet thru a number of cycles. So, what Iím saying is that these higher vibratory energy portals have again been opened to bring the Light back onto this planet. In order for this intense Light to incorporate itself into your consciousness, it must imbed itself firstly onto the planet. Intelligence penetrates in the form of geometric waves thru frequency.

Intelligence can take the guise of any form it wants and many times intelligence comes in the form of a wave. We feel it as an abrupt flash of knowing, insight or a visual. At some point there will be a wave of Light that sweeps the Earth.

These crop circles that we see on Earth is language and are here to help you hold and manage your frequency. We can only guess what the symbols mean because weíre not there yet to figure them out.

These geometric shapes are all connected to one another, itís all language. If these geometric shapes were all written out simultaneously in some farmers field they would be destroyed immediately thatís why they are spaced from one continent to another. These shapes make up a frequency band that will help elevate Earths grid work. This information, Light language in the form of shapes and symbols will eventually help us understand and feel more comfortable with these new frequencies that are occurring.

Geometric shapes and forms are carriers of intelligence, they are frequency waves that can be modulated and changed. These shapes and forms are energy portals and are set up to eventually all connect and make grid work of incredible intelligence around the globe. This grid work will have a frequency to help humanity evolve to a higher Light and will help you remember who you are.