January 19, 2020

Gaiaís 5D Shift (II)

The Great 5D shift has begun welcome to an adventure of a lifetime. On 3-D Earth we have now crossed the Rubicon into unknown territory transitioning into a fifth dimensional frequency existence. Accelerating climate changes, the destabilization of society, the sixth mass extinction is well underway with species disappearing at a phenomenal rate of 200 per day. Donít fear this transition. Itís all a cycle.

I know the fight or flight mechanism that has been unkindly downloaded into our DNA is kicking in for some of you. Your mind reacts forming judgements...will I be hurt, will I die and itís understandable. From the moment you were born you embarked on your pathway of passing on, itís your transition.

Embrace it and feel into the fear. Itís always a magical, spiritual path thru the doorway to the other side. If you really think about it, itís breathtaking! Remember, you have nothing to lose, loss is all illusion.

Loss is not possible to you because everything is contained within. Itís only the mind that diminishes that feeling of connection. We are emotional beings and we cannot ever deviate from being emotional beings, because then our consciousness will never be fully taken control of as long as we feel emotion.

So many are resistant to change which is understandable because the EGO likes predictability. It likes the soft comforts that appeases and pacifies it. But, in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant.

This change is making many resistant to the busting through of the old foundations of this reality. Follow the current because you are going to witness some spectacular and unnerving sights. Meaning, youíre going to start seeing reality for what it really is.

As you break through the limitations of this third dimensional reality your restraints are leaving. Itís a very freeing feeling. Remember, authentic creation follows authentic expression... Meaning, if youíre in the flow of these new frequencies, not resisting the change, everything you need will come your way, thatís how law of attraction works, it also works vice versa. You must unravel your allegiance to the Matrix which is beginning to steadily break itself apart. These are truly phenomenal times but only if you embrace them. Fear is your worst enemy and is all an illusion. Let it go...