March 11, 2020

Eons Ago

Again, I know many of my FB friends know this because you too are tapping into this knowledge...

The human race is a created race. We are an experiment on a planet that has free will meaning ...the human race has had its memories erased of our past lives, our complete souls history has been wiped from our minds once we arrive on Earth.

At the beginning of our creation we were meant to thrive and be a loving, spiritual, emotional race. Being emotional is what makes us so different from the rest of the races and that's exactly why they can't keep us in control. Emotion causes you to want answers, then you start asking questions, so that makes us a major threat to them.

We've been messed with and manipulated by very negative ET races. (The Archon Network) Just like us humans there are good and bad in their races. So here we are in present day...There is a battle going on above our heads that many couldn't believe, it's a battle between the negative and the positive (Light and Dark) Remember, light means information, dark means lack of information also...the proverbial good and evil. This battle is for our liberation!

We have been manipulated and programmed into slaves as Earth has been turned into a prison planet. The ET’s never left, they've always been here trying to control the greatest experiment of all time, the Human experiment. Humans are waking up to this information, we are starting to tap into this knowledge of our past that's hidden deep in our DNA, our DNA is now being activated. Hence, the Human Awakening that's going on.

The Archons knew this was going to happen so that's the reason we're being poisoned and killed thru our air, food, water, vaccinations, war and other mind control techniques they use on us to keep us controlled. This is a major reason they designed religions. The first thing they program into your mind is to “never question your faith.” Because, once you start questioning you will then realize it’s all deception. So when I say when you’re in church praying to your God “the Archons” is who your praying to, they are your oppressors, your slave masters. They are your proverbial Satan. It’s all a sick, twisted game.

The human race needs to hurry up and start realizing this cause I'm afraid we're running out of time. Mind control, controlling our consciousness has been a brilliant way of keeping us right where they want us but that is changing in a big way for some. The others that choose to stay in ignorance will deal with those consequences no doubt about it.