July 17, 2020

Transition Earth

Will it be okay?

There is no other option. Meaning, when frequencies rise it affects everything. The vibration of everything is being elevated. Meaning, the Universe, the planets and its inhabitants. When frequencies rise everything expands so everything that is not expanding with it falls away.

In these lower, dense realms we see that falling away in the form of chaos, outdated structures being eliminated. We are feeling physical symptoms in our bodies due to this expansion. We are seeing incredible movement on Earth's surface, we are also seeing the incredible radicalization of our weather. You are all seeing the incredible phenomena in our skies.

Again, humans are not responsible for climate change. You honestly think the insignificant speck that we are can affect a giant planet who could any day shake us off like bugs. We might affect our local environment to an extent but there's no way mankind is responsible for this global radicalization of the weather. It's ridiculous to think we have that much influence on something so vast.

Some people will deal with this expansion well and some people are losing their shit. I call the people fighting these higher frequencies resistors but they're just making it harder on themselves because there is no other option.

Other civilizations that are currently at a higher frequency, buzzing at a higher vibration will not be affected like the denser, biological human species will be. Makes sense? This is a major reason many off-world civilizations are here monitoring the human and Earth's Ascension process. They are also very aware that there has never been an Ascension in a physical vessel. We are a Grand Experiment in many ways. They know that what happens on Earth has repercussions throughout the Cosmos which is order found within the Universe.

With expansion comes a higher reality of insight, knowledge, intuition. We are in an incredible time of our evolution. We are being ushered into a higher reality and we have no other choice it's just how hard are you going to make it on yourself. Humans do not deal with change very well and many humans are not mentally stable to begin with so it's going to get rough for many.

Our current chaotic situation, the revealing of the horrors done to humanity is not coincidence. Nothing is coincidence! But, unfortunately with expansion comes incredible destruction in these lower, denser realms. We're seeing it all around us on many levels. Meaning, physically and mentally.

Humanity is also transitioning on a molecular level and our current biological form see these higher frequencies as foreign and they're trying to fight em this is where our physical symptoms come into play and they're not pleasant. I've talked about the transition from the Age of Pisces to our current Age of Aquarius we are in now. We are experiencing what I call the "violent quiver" and we are all feeling it and experiencing it individually and on a collective level. Just remember it'll be easier to deal with when being an observer and not a participant.