August 07, 2020

Remembering and Communication

Many are becoming aware and realizing that we as a human being are rising in consciousness, in frequency that we have never experienced before while living in this third dimensional vessel. Every day more and more people are starting to wake up and remember who they are and what they’re doing here.

This re-remembering comes into your reality by raising your frequency, raising your consciousness. Let go of all beliefs whether they’re religious or societal they are just blocks hindering this from happening to you.

Light beings that are on this planet now disguised as third dimensional humans are re-remembering what they once knew about themselves and other highly evolved worlds. Therefore, they are awakening to their higher selves. While these light beings in human vessels are waking up to their higher selves they are remembering their place of origin, their home planet, their starships they’ve been on. A little disclosure on myself and another example … When I was younger I would name my imaginary cities, towns, imaginary pets Erra... It was not until 2012, my grocery store incident, my instantaneous Awakening that I had when I found out about the planet Erra. Before that I knew nothing about this planet I never knew it existed. We are recovering memory…

Many have been taken back to their home planet, starship thru a higher state of consciousness while in their sleep state. Those meetings are for the purpose to report back on how to help with humanity’s and Earth’s planetary Ascension. That’s why they’re (we’re) here!

Remember, it is the collective mind that has the power to bring a concept into reality. So the more humanity awakens to our higher off world potential the more we’ll bring it in to our reality. Mass consciousness has a greater power to bring in a particular reality. The ability of relaying information to a human being from a Light Being is called Light Language. This light language can only be interpreted by your fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. This is why many when communicating with a higher being remains in a sleep state, a higher state of consciousness. When we are in our sleep state we can access those higher realms, dimensions because we are not bound to these 3rd dimensional limitations like we are when we’re awake. We cannot obtain a continuous higher state of consciousness in our 3D existence. Also, remember, those beings of the Dark also lurk in those higher dimensions. Those are your nightmares.

Again, you are always being communicated with and are always getting “invisible messages.” If the receiver is feeling comfortable with these “invisible messages” you will be drawn more and more towards the source of that message. But, on the other hand if you’re feeling uncomfortable with those invisible messages you will be pulled further away from that source. Getting what I mean? Surrender...

Humanity hears and receives light language thousands of times a day but most are not aware of it, this is what the Awakening is all about. Many humans are not aware that they are a multi dimensional human and will not attain 5th dimensional consciousness in this lifetime.

This is a reason for all your incarnations. Once the Planet begins the process of transmutation to the 5th dimensional frequency of resonance the ones that can expand their consciousness will have an easier time adapting to that 5th dimensional reality. On the other hand...those who cannot adapt with this higher frequency will go to another planet of the same frequency they resonate with. Earth’s core frequency is rising and you either flow with it or you fight it, it’s all up to you.