August 18, 2020


Every human being is being communicated with. So many are missing out on those nudges, signals and messages that are meant to be received. We need to start paying more attention to the ways the Universe and our guides are speaking to us.

We all want to hear from them but we only want to hear from them in the way weíre accustomed to receiving messages. So many donít realize that we are receiving messages in many different ways.

These messages are meant to nudge you in a particular direction or let you know that you are right on track. A real good sign that you are on track is seeing the synchronicity of Numbers etc.

Sometimes it can be a subtle suggestion thatíll come three times from three different people and you will wonder how that is possible. WellÖ everything is possible and highly probable. Our friends from the higher realms see so much of humanity missing the signs because the human being wants to hear a voice in their head or a guide appearing in front of them telling them what to do.

But, what we need to do is pay attention and work with these energies that are there to subtly guide and direct us. People need to remember that we are an all knowing Soul, we are Light...itís just that we are in a state of amnesia that now is beginning to wake up. We are beginning to master these various vibrations that are offered to us now so pay attention! So, always look for those subtle signs, the unexpected and of course the unexplained. For they are all bits of guidance that we are receiving every single day. Remember, nothing is coincidence there is nothing random about our existence.

What it comes down to is we all need to tune into a more sensitive setting instead of expecting to be hit over the head with something. You will start connecting the dots when you pay attention and the more you pay attention the more the communication occurs. Itís kind of like opening the floodgates.

Once you start connecting the dots you will see the positive guidance that you are getting and itís full on from then on. This is because your guides now see that you are interpreting their messages so theyíre going to give you more and more.