September 27, 2020

The Transhumanism Agenda

The Transhumanism Agenda is A.I. downloaded into the human mind from the Negative Alien and Satanic Forces in their quest to survive and achieve immortality by hijacking human consciousness and ultimately possessing the human body. This is integrating technological and pharmaceutical hybridization to damage human DNA as preparation for total control.

Could a fabricated killer sickness numb human feelings, destroy emotions, alter the human psyche, eliminate individuality in favor of the herd all for the purpose of conformity and change the face of mankind? Would you be willing to give up your livelihood and risk poverty due to fear of a mysterious unknown demon? Could orders be given by "authority" figures that would mandate hiding all facial expression and forcing people away from one another? Would everyone seem to be the same because recognition was no longer possible? Would entire populations quit working and hide in their homes, fearful of any contact with others? Would the government and its enforcers stage and then protect criminal gangs out to destroy people and property, burning everything in sight? Could all that criminal behavior be blamed on non-existent racism? Once all this happened could it be possible to program the minds of large numbers of people to allow an injection to force them to act in a certain way?

Mind control through artificial intelligence through the downgrading and degrading of our DNA removes "emotion" from the human being which in turn makes us easier to control. When you have no emotion you don't feel empathy, compassion. So, if no emotion you don't feel so ultimately you don't ask questions because your thinking has been taken away from you. The transformation doesn't have to be total to cause harm. When science and human emotion meld together humanity will always suffer.

What is happening in this country today is the final stage of the destruction of individuality, uniqueness, and independent thought. Individuals with critical thinking skills stand in the way of any takeover of society so they have to be censored or eliminated in order for the global agendas to go forward. The plan being used to accomplish this began as a fake pandemic. The entire fraud is based on a lie and fear is being used to herd those so that compliance can be accomplished. So far the plan has been successfull but as these psychopaths are finding out their plan is not coming without resistance.

This pandemic hoax ultimate purpose is to check the obedience level of humanity. The absurdity of submission of mask wearing only empowers these elitist monsters. Their plan to control the human mind is to become less dependent on emotion and human contact to be faceless and ultimately be feared.

Once this fear propaganda machine is in place they will introduce a deadly vaccine. The ultimate purpose of this vaccine is to alter the human DNA. Do you all find the timing very suspicious meaning as our DNA is currently being corrected and being brought back to the original blueprint of our creation through the Ascension process these psychopaths are administering another blow to downgrade it? That is no coincidence.

We are in the midst of the the largest social experiment ever attempted and it's happening before our eyes. It is life threatening. This is our dilemma and only mass resistance can change the course of events being used to destroy mankind.