December 31, 2020

Frequency controlled prison

When humanity wakes up to the incredible amount of implanted thoughts and mind control that has been pushed on us we will then make a conscious effort not to participate in it. We are currently seeing extreme mind control being played out on our world stage. We are being controlled by a society that is directing humanity to self-destruction through mind control. They are steering humanity away from our inner directive towards self-absorption, materialism etc. which leads to spiritual emptiness which many remedy with self-medication and addiction. I will post my post "Original Wound" in comments.

These Dark controllers are essentially blocking our perception of what our reality consists of by hijacking the brain so humanity cannot decode what's really going on. They are doing this through artificial intelligence and frequency bombardment. Many of us can see the AI assimilation being perpetrated on the human race has been turned up.

Since the Grey ET trade agreement about 75-80 years ago humanity has been aggressively experimented on by implanting thoughts through a very clever form of social engineering. After World War II the Government's of Earth made pacts with a negative alien network for hidden technologies etc. for access to the human race for experimentation, genetics, breeding programs and Earth's resources. After World War II is really when Earth became militarized. This is when hidden covert militarized programs were set up all to influence human brain waves and behavior through the exposure of light, sound and electromagnetic frequencies. These all influence the way humans process information.

I've wrote about how important the electromagnetic field is to humanity's memory storage ability. So, is it any wonder why these off-world controllers control Earth's electromagnetic field? It's all to suppress our advancement. Meaning, keeping us from recovering memory! Because, humans react to higher frequencies by advancing our knowledge and insight. We start developing our Claire's, we start recovering memory of past lives etc. By controlling the mind body neurology through frequency these controllers can control thoughts and emotions, transmit suggestions, interfere with long and short-term memory, insert images, run audio and sensory experiences etc. The goal is to confuse the organic signal that keeps the mind, body in balance via shutting down the signaling of our DNA activation process.

You hear me say it all the time... We are being brought back to balance this is a major reason for the planetary chaos. It's a frequency change and some are flowing with this frequency change and some are resisting it. (Resistors) Humanity needs to become aware of the use of artificial intelligence technologies which are used and designed to keep the human race in a low vibrational timeline loop in this lower realm.

When we stop playing their game by living in a constant state of fear and division we are collapsing that AI grid. Meaning, that implant dissolves making room for more Light. Remember, light is information, dark is lack of information. Remember, whoever controls and individuals mind controls their identity. We are seeing this so clearly with mainstream media. These psychopaths are keeping their base in a constant state of fear with a virus that is nothing but a False Flag. They are demonizing the United States President Trump and any evidence that requires them to deviate from their deeply held beliefs of the old system. They feel comfortable in those chains while dismissing all critical thinking.

We live in a pathological society being controlled by a pathological mind via frequency bombardment brought on by the AI and the mainstream media. MSM and its high saturation of fear, death, violence and inhumane behavior that are constantly being aimed at the public is a strategy of of its mind control operation. It's all to keep humanity in 3D dramas and it's narratives.

I believe the sayings the "Wheat and the Chaff will be separated," "many will be called, few will be chosen" means exactly that. There will be a portion of the human population that will wake up to this incredible ugly truth and there will be a part of the population that will not because fear of the unknown is a Master Controller.