January 05, 2021

Incident, how it all started

Iíve been asked many times to write a post about my ďincidentĒ as I call it that started this whole Awakening thing for me. Before this incident I knew nothing or really wasnít even interested in any of this. My interest and knowledge was limited to just the belief in UFOís thatís pretty much it. I was never religious so I didnít have to go through any major deprogramming.

It started on a normal July afternoon in 2012 as I was walking thru the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was walking down the isle when all the sudden I was hit by a download of information that was about the Reptilian agenda and the Vatican. I was stopped in my tracks and it lasted about a minute. The exact words were and I remember it well... ďThe Vatican is the Hub of Worship of the Reptilian race.Ē That information came thru the loudest. So, it kind of makes sense that I hammer on organized religion and the Vatican as much as I do.

Also, came information about the lies of the entire history of the human race. I was told our world is not what we think it is. I was completely shocked and didnít even remember driving home. I came home sat in my living room and said...Ēwhat the hell just happened.Ē

Since that incident I have seen energy frequencies as in this photo and they look exactly like this. Iíve played with them by putting my finger thru them and they will never break apart from each other they just continue on. Iíve met a very dark being that looked just like the Reaper and that was a two night in a row terror intimidation event and that being was taken care of by a couple of bluish orbs and Iíve never seen it again. Iíve met beings with bird like heads with human form, and an evil entity that threatened to have me killed by messing with my brakes on my vehicle and this entity was just telepathic no form at all. I have also remote viewed on several occasions. I've never heard the word "remote view" before or knew what it meant until I experienced it and started asking questions.

I was also taken on a ship which was a total medicinal environment. I donít know what they did I just remember being in front of them again and the one that always does the communicating told me it was time to go back. And like every other time I woke up in my bed. Thereís been other things but itís just too much to text.

But, my protection and my guides are beings of Light like in this photo. Theyíve saved my life several times throughout the years. From horse accidents, to car accidents. Iíve met them 4 separate times. I was told one was my guide and his name and that they were Pleiadian Light Beings.

One thing Iíve learned about our guides is they only interfere with you if youíre in need of help or if something could derail your mission otherwise they leave you alone if youíre doing what youíre supposed to be doing. It can get frustrating at times because you want them to give you all the answers but they're not going to. They are guides!

Donít let anyone tell you they canít manipulate you physically cause they can. They are the ones guiding me to all this information that needs to be told. But, all this information is out there for everyone to find you just need to dig. Like Iíve said many times itís like having a foot in two different worlds.

Since this incident Iíve talked to hundreds if not thousands of people with Awakening stories and incidents with beings that are incredibly interesting. To all of you that still are in disbelief of Extra Terrestrial involvement in the human race... think again!!


I have many people telling me their stories of how theyíve seen beings of Light of some sort in their rooms at night or other places and wondering how and why they were there. First of all if you visually see them itís because they are letting you see them. When they show themselves to you itís because they are more than likely trying to introduce themselves to you and hopefully not instill fear.

My FIRST direct contact with these 4 Pleiadian Light Beings was the ďintroduction phaseĒ I call it. I was above them observing them thatís it.

My SECOND contact was me standing in front of the 4 beings and thereís always one that does the communicating who I believe to be female by just the feel. Remember, they have no faces, eyes etc. just pure light. (Photo below) She told me telepathically that the being standing next to her, the tallest of the four was my guide and he is ďwho I would be dealing with from now onĒ was her exact words and I was to refer to him as .... Iím protective of his name I donít know why. We nodded at each other to confirm we were both in agreement to this deal.

In this particular contact my guide was dressed in a green shirt, the one who does the communicating was dressed in a tan shirt definitely holographic cause it wasnít totally opaque with a triangle symbol on it. Two of the four contacts I experienced they were dressed in some kind of attire, the other two they were just pure light.

My THIRD contact was the ship incident and I believe it was to monitor my health and help me get off the oxycodone pain killers I was taking due to a horse accident cause within three weeks I was completely off them never to take another one again. I was taking oxycodone for years and within 3 weeks after the ship incident these pills would make me sick and want to throw up so I knew something was done. The environment was completely medicinal. All 4 beings at this meeting were dressed in white lab attire, different from each other, but white lab wear. The room was circular with black shiny windows around the whole room 4 feet off the ground. Again, I was in front of the four and I was told it was time to go back and like every other time I woke up in my bed.

The FOURTH and my last direct contact was them appearing to me in an instant, no clothing this time completely light, again all four of them and the only thing she said was ďwe are Pleiadian Light BeingsĒ and I woke up. I believe this was because Iíve been asking and wondering who they were after the past meetings. Remember, these four direct contacts happened four consecutive nights in a row. But, I never once was afraid actually it all felt very familiar.

Iíve also had many things happen to me via them either telepathically and physically. So many have told me they cannot physically alter you while awake. Bullshit! Theyíve done it to me and it feels like an electrical current going thru your entire body and it physically and mentally changes you. Thatís all Iíll say about that. Some beings show themselves to you by lowering their vibration. When they lower their vibration they become more solid so it makes sense that you can see them. Many of our experiences are very similar to one another, itís like they have a protocol they follow. The beings I meet find it very uncomfortable to lower their frequency so low that I can see them in my awake state so I meet them in my sleep, subconscious state where everything goes and thatís our true reality. Your subconscious/sleep state is the bridge that connects us with those higher dimensional realms. There are no limitations...

Remote ViewingÖ

Is the ability to go back and observe any location or situation no matter how distant it is in ones mind simply by conscious intent. Iíve done this 4 separate times.

Anyone can develop this ability with intent. Really what it is, is the ability of the mind to see any location or situation within the Universal mind by focusing your conscious awareness on a particular location or situation with intent. It doesnít matter if this situation happened last week, 30 years ago, 500 years ago everything is connected.

My first remote view was a few years ago I took off into space. I was looking at the vast darkness of the stars in the distance and when it was over itís like somebody dropped me in my bed and I was soaking wet. Not sweating I was soaking wet I had water dripping off my hair running down my face.

My second remote view I was taken to a facility on Mars Iíve talked about this recently in a past post.

There are thousands of human families living underground who have been told Earth has been destroyed so they donít try to escape. The existence for these people are extremely structured. They only have children when needed and told, itís a very ridged existence.

These people are transported to their jobs and home always under strict supervision. Schooling for children is solely indoctrination. These people are trained for particular positions and have no say. A completely surveilled environment.

Their food consumption is completely controlled thru these controllers. Their environment consists of looooong hallways, eating quarters and apartments of which resembles a stainless steel looking prison.

This one particular person I watched was a tall dark-haired white male and he was being transported from work to his living quarters by an escort who never once talked. I donít think it was human, looked human but didnít act like it. I got the impression this particular guy was a problem for them.

As he was walking down these long stainless steel looking hallways there were lots of long horizontal glass windows and I could see through these windows at people working. It looked like high-tech work meaning I remember seeing people looking through microscopeís and dressed in white lab coat like uniforms. This guy stopped to eat at what they call eating quarters. He was eating at a stainless steel looking table while this silent escort just sat there. He got to his apartment and thatís where it ended. I knew he had a wife and two kids thatís how I found out about the child restrictions.

My third remote view started out with a complete stranger messaging me that was in secret operations in the military that went to UFO crash sites to clean them up before the public found out about them. This was completely out of the blue. This certain person also sent me massive amounts of documents thru his Dropbox that Seth Rich hacked from the DNC. Well, needless to say I was kind of nervous and I wanted to find out who this guy was.

So, my third remote view I was taken back to a dry, rocky terrain. I had no idea what this stranger looked like or who he was was. I believe I was seeing him 25 years younger in this remote view. I watched him and his team milling around this particular crash site. As I watched all the sudden came a still shot of this man and I was being told adamantly to look at his glasses at the same time the letters MP were being flashed like a strobe light in front of his still shot MP, MP, MP. ect.

So, the next day I asked this guy whatís the deal with the glasses and he was pretty shocked by the question actually he said ďI was wondering when this was going to happen.Ē These glasses are alien technology that they use in our military that we donít know about and it also has something to do with hearing other soldiers in the field meaning theyíre connected with their hearing for communication.

I also asked him what the MP meant and I never got an answer. I mentioned ďMilitary PoliceĒ but I never got an answer. I also found out that this particular individual met a Grey at the time of this incident and he was given information in the whereabouts of a fellow soldier that was lost and was being looked for. He was guided by this Grey and ultimately found the missing soldier.

My fourth remote view was connected to the Mars incident. I remember thinking what ever happened to that guy in my Mars remote view which happened about a year earlier. That night I was taken right back to those long stainless steel hallways and those long glass windows but this time it was completely dark. I was looking in these rooms where before people were working in their white lab attire but this time all the lights were off and no one was there. I came to the eating quarters and I seen this white male laying face down on the floor and I knew he was killed. Meaning, I was being told he was killed. I was shown the answer to my question.