May 10, 2021

Spiritual Awakening

On the surface our planet seems to be operating on a constant state of fear and confusion with mass shootings, wars, arguments, disease, riots and civil unrest. If you only listen to what the mass media portrays our world seems to be scary, a very threatening place to live. However, they only tell you what they want you to hear. Much of what happens in our world goes undocumented and unreported by the mass media and lots of these occurrences happened to be positive.

While awful atrocities happen in our world daily there is a shift in consciousness that is happening, a shift in our awareness that is happening simultaneously. Remember, where evil exists good does too. You really can't have one without the other, darkness doesn't exist without the light especially in these lower realms.

This shift is happening and much of humanity is awakening to the ultimate truth. Peace & Love will always prevail but we have to keep them alive. Many people around the world have started to speak out against the corruption, greed, injustice and inhumane behavior of the current system. It's easy to become discouraged as we try to escape this low vibrational Matrix but if we don't do it who will.

The world we live in, our current reality, is experiencing a Spiritual Awakening. We are seeing organic food sales on the rise while non-organic, GMO foods are being pushed aside. Veganism and vegetarianism is also on the rise because we are now understanding what really fuels the body and what poisons it. I for one need to work on this. We are seeing a global movement on health. People are realizing how important real food from the Earth is to their overall health. What's happening is people are starting to take their power back and control what goes into their body.

Mindfulness and meditation has skyrocketed in the last few years especially in Western nations. People are becoming not only aware of their physical health but their mental and spiritual health also. Meditation which was once just a pseudo science collaboration is now being taught and used all over the planet in businesses, hospitals and schools.

We see this spiritual awareness also in the so called tiny house movement and the discouragement of excessive consumerism. Minimalism is coming to the forefront of our minds and rampant consumerism is on a decline. Humanity is waking up to the fact that sitting in an office 40 plus hours a week filing papers is not doing it for them anymore. They are waking up to a higher understanding of why they're here.

Many ponder this every day how to escape this monotonous daily life to a more richer, less anxiety riddled survivalist state of mind. Many are deciding to take the path less traveled. Some people say that this carefree attitude shows a lack of accountability to the economy but really it represents responsibility to something extremely everlasting and important to your true worth and identity. With these actions humanity is starting to stand up to the few that reap the benefits from our hard work. What we're seeing is a change in our consciousness.

Humanity is waking up to a personal responsibility that we have in taking care of this planet. We are becoming aware of the harm we are doing to our home and ourselves. We will no longer continue to survive if we do not take care of ourselves and the planet.

Humanity wants more of a collective living instead of individualist way of living. Look at the rise of transformational festivals, mass meditation events etc. This is a sign of humanity's innate way of knowing our collective mind. It's written in our DNA and we're seeing currently how it cannot be ignored.

Really, what's happening is humanity is just becoming sick and tired of war, dying of disease, living in fear. Basically, we're all just sick and tired of existing in a survivalist state of mind. We are at the beginning of a rebirth, a complete transformation in how we live and how we think and as we're seeing it playing out on the world stage it's not going to come easy but the fight will definitely be worth it.