July 13, 2021

From Carbon based to Crystalline based

Humanity is going through upgrades and restructuring from a Carbon base to a Crystalline base. Itís been an ongoing process and we are now becoming aware of whatís happening to us.

Due to these higher frequencies itís happening faster than ever before and you need to invest in whatís happening to you. This is your own personal work and remember whatever triggers you is where you need to do the work. The faster these triggers are released from you the faster this transformation will advance.

The upgrades, rewiring and recalibration of our bodies depends on your light frequency. This work is individual and frequency specific to you. Those who work on clearing their system of fear, blocked emotion and dense energy are those of a higher vibration and now can receive higher frequencies of Light. Meaning, higher Light Data, information, insight etc.

Whatís happening is that these energies are flowing easier, you are clearing the path. Whatís happening to our bodies on a cellular level is that these higher Light frequencies are entering our cells and separating them with Light so theyíre not so coagulated and densely packed together. Remember, Light is information.

So what Iím saying is weíre becoming lighter... literally and with that light comes incredible information, insight and knowledge. We are becoming less dense, less third dimensional.

An example of becoming a lighter body is weíre not craving such heavy, dense foods anymore like animal protein... We simply donít need as much of it anymore. I hear a lot of people say Iím not gonna eat meat anymore itís cruel but really whatís happening is youíre listening to your body which is changing. This is why I say eventually the human race will become a plant-based species only.

This is all because of this Ascension process. Ascension is your souls technology thatís happening to your physical avatar. This is happening now so you can assist in creating a completely different future for this planet and the human species.

There will be nothing from your past that you will be able to use as a reference point to understand where you are going because you will be creating everything new from moment to moment. You will be living synchronistically, not by time or programs.

You will be breaking away from repeating patterns and the programs that we have been locked into our entire existence that no longer serve us. You will be guided by spirit and will create an existence never created before.

The higher frequencies will be pulled into your reality while the denser frequencies fall away. This process is happening to many of us and it happens rather cohesively, you will lose moments in time. I called them glitches...

All is well, no judgement because youíre being guided by your souls point of view, which is you, a very intelligent you and it knows the very best for you. From your souls point of reference each of you are exactly where you need to be or you will be moved to a certain geographical location to achieve your full potential in this life. The reasoning for that would be you will either be the receiver of certain frequencies that you need or you will be the person sending certain frequencies to that changed location for a particular reason. So, basically youíll either be the receiver or the transmitter.

So, how to make this Ascension process go as smooth as possible you must SURRENDER to this process. Period!