July 20, 2021

Mass Exodus

We are all feeling this consciousness shift happening all around the planet. Earth is transitioning to a higher vibrational resonance. Humanity's process of transitioning to a 5th dimensional frequency is slowly taking place. But, what if there is a Grand Plan about to occur or has occurred to create a radical change in our existence. A plan to expedite and bring down the control Matrix..

What I'm saying is that there could very well be a massive influx of walk in souls as they call them that will in mass accompany an available body knowing there is no time for an incarnation. They are here to speed up the Ascension process by raising the frequency of our consciousness. The overall mission has always been to assist Earth in the raising of the frequency in this realm which would remove the negative beings that have been using Earth humans as a energy and food source.

On the other hand, are we watching or about to see a mass Exodus of souls leaving Earth before this shift? There is a majority of humans on this planet who I call "resistors" I've heard them called NPCs or non-player characters but as I said many times they're irrelevant in this transition.

I believe this mass exodus will go unnoticed for a period of time. Are these humans empty vessels who run on an artificial program? Are these people not questioning our reality because of some artificial intelligence program? Is that really what's going on? Are we going through a massive soul shuffle? Are we just watching the many souls making the decision to get the hell out of here? I believe these people just weren't prepared for the amount of self-work needed and the clearing that has to be done to be able to stay in a human vessel at this time. I personally believe the ones reading this article right now have had the most difficult missions of all because you are still here. Just be ready because it will probably get a lot weirder before better.

I think we'll be seeing many of these resistors or NPCs glitching out not being able to withstand these higher frequencies. They are barely hanging on as this so-called Matrix transitions to a whole new operating system.

What if the stewardship of this planet was taken over by Benevolent, higher vibrational, compassionate beings? Would they be that different from us? Could they be human beings from other planets here to tell their story of the existence of the original human template?

We are experiencing much of the old culture falling by the wayside. You can be sure that politics, religions, corrupt government, Western medicine and education will most surely be the first to rapidly change. We're seeing this change not only due to the higher frequencies but these higher consciousness walk-ins refuse to resonate with this lower-dimensional culture because they have been free from this lower dimensional control Matrix.