September 14, 2021

A New breed of Human - The Children

These children incarnating in our reality right now are more advanced not only in their capabilities but also more advanced chemically on a cellular level. With each generation progress is made. New parents are faced with raising very different children like never before.

What has worked before will no longer work with this new breed of humans. Babies are born much more alert than ever before, they are being primed for this new vibration. Children have always held a high vibration because of the void of limiting beliefs.

These children incarnating now in this reality have very large roles to fill and their capabilities will reflect what is possible in the higher dimensions through the evolution of our species. They are here to teach us how to live in the higher dimensions, in the NOW.

These children will have more of their brain activated, we will see new abilities that will eventually become expected and the norm with these kids. Eventually we will all be universally connected to this higher dimensional knowledge ready to be downloaded into our minds.

These new kids will be in tune with the energies of the past, present and future. The psychic ability of these new children will far exceed anything like weíve seen before. Many of these children will be telepathic, they will be able to send and receive the thoughts of others no matter the distance between them. If these children are not nurtured in their capabilities these abilities will weaken overtime meaning... It'll be very important if the parents support them.

The physical and genetic makeup of these children are very different and we will see them being very sensitive, they will not learn in the same manner as the children before them. Mundane memorization of facts will no longer be of use to them. They will fight the old ways of tradition.

These children will help replace the old ways of doing things in our education system, medical system, financial system and the political system. These children will question everything, to break the mold to a new way of thinking. ADD, ADHD etc. is a child that cannot express itself in a system unwilling to evolve!

Itís not that they canít focus, itís that they refuse to focus on old, outdated ways of learning. Their minds are much more capable than theyíre given credit for, itís just that theyíre not being encouraged in a suitable way.

Their minds work in a different way. Parents are programmed to fear any deviation from the norm in the education system and when they do itís considered wrong but the education system is and will be the first to notice the need for change.

These new children will develop psychic abilities, they will be able to see the unseen, they will acquire amazing healing abilities. Some will be able to manipulate numbers like you wouldnít believe in seconds and some will be able to see the energies around those people they are focusing on. All these abilities are just laying dormant inside of everyone of us but these children will be activated with these abilities upon birth.

These children will show that these abilities arenít seen as extraordinary but will become ordinary. We're seeing the change in the kids in our education system every day. We see the devastating mind numbing ways they are being taught only to keep them dumbed down and the ones that buck the system get drugged to conform.

We need to remember that all children are hungry for knowledge but all children arenít hungry for the same knowledge. These new children are pushing for a whole new paradigm of learning and believe me they will get it.