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A Thought Before Eating Meat

The scare over mad cow's disease raises some very fundamental questions: What are cows supposed to eat? And what are we, humans supposed to eat? 

Cows are supposed to eat grass. But nowadays they don't. One of the main reasons for the outbreak of mad cow's disease is that cows were given feed containing ground sheep and ground beef. They were given meat to eat, including the meat of their own species. This is totally strange and unnatural. Cows have been turned into cannibals. So it is not surprising that they developed strange diseases.

It is not just in Britain that cows eat strange food. About a year ago, there was a report on TCS news that a Singapore company had come up with a clever environment friendly plan. The company recycles chicken feathers and turns it into cattle feed to sell to farms in the neighboring countries.

Are cows supposed to eat chicken feathers? What will happen if they do? The people involved in this project did not seem to ask this question.

What else do cows (and other modern farm animals) eat? In, Beyond Beef, consumer activist Jeremy Riftkin informs us that animal feed may also contain recycled sawdust, sludge and sewage.

Even grain fed beef is not natural. Modern cows are fed corn and other grains so that they produce prime or choice beef. Such beef is marbled; meaning the fat is integrated into the meat. You cannot trim the fat off.

Grain fed cattle often develops liver and digestive diseases. About 8 percent of all cattle slaughtered in the US have liver infection, Rifkin reports. 

What happens when we eat the flesh of cows, which have liver infection and other diseases? Will we not also fall sick?

Probably the sickest meat, however, is veal. In Diet for A New America, John Robbins describes how veal is produced:

Veal calves are separated from their mothers the moment they are born. For the next four months provided they don't die before that they are kept in a tiny stall about 56-cm wide, 137-cm long. The stall is so small that they cannot walk and they can hardly move. Because any exercise would make their flesh less tender. They live in total darkness and may go blind.

The calves are fed a special diet a mixture of skim milk and fat, which has every trace of iron, removed. This diet is designed to induce anemia, so that they produce white meat. 

Veal calves are not even given water, to make them drink more of this special diet and fatten up quickly. They become so iron deficient that they would lick rusty nails and drink their own urine to get whatever iron there is. They are so sick that they have to be kept alive with regular large doses of antibiotics. Finally, they must be slaughtered on time. A few days' delay and they would die of anemia.

Veal is therefore the meat of a very sick animal, raised under extremely cruel conditions. Yet ironically, it is widely regarded as healthy meat.

We need to seriously re-think what food is healthy and what isn't.

If you study the human anatomy, you will find that humans are designed for a basically vegetarian diet. We have flat teeth, alkaline saliva, weak stomach acids, long intestines and so on.

We are not meant to eat meat, although tiny amounts occasionally probably won't do many harms. Certainly, we are not meant to eat the meat of sick animals.


(These stories have been extracted from various sources solely for enjoyment and are not meant to infringe any copyright laws)