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On God And The Big Bang


Science tells us that the Universe was born in an event referred to as the Big Bang, this is pretty much considered a fact. This event left an incredible trail for us to follow and piles of evidence that show almost conclusively that all matter in the Universe, every speck surrounding every star in every one of a billion, billion galaxies, came from One Source. So great was the trail left by this event that we can trace exactly what happened right up to 3 one-thousandths (3/1000) of a second after the Big Bang. We also know what Was, the instant before. The only real disputed theories in Big Bang THEORY is what happened during that 3/1000 gap. The rest is supported by pretty damn conclusive evidence.

Feel a little trepidation? Wonder why a religious kook would support the Scientists -- it is because they're right. They are today confirming what the ancient Ancients taught us. Let us look at that anomaly which preceded the Big Bang by an instant, science calls it a singularity. I really think "The Singularity" is a more proper term (at least if you have any respect for the totality of What Is and Will Ever Be).

Every quark of every proton of every atom of every substance in every star system of every galaxy in every quadrant or this incomprehensibly large Universe was contained in this single point. All matter together in a single point -- One. One = All. Scientists agree, but there's more, much, much more.

Science tells us that energy is neither created, nor destroyed -- it is only transferred or transformed. This means then that all power in the Universe also comes from The Singularity; every Super Nova; each of a billion stars in a billion, billion galaxies, including the gravity that propels all things; not only all the power in all the cities on the planet, but also all the effort that created all the combined histories of Man and earth; even the tiny electrical charge that holds every electron in orbit around their infinitely partnered nuclei. Oh yeah, that small charge created the Atomic Bomb. All power that ever was or will be -- One Point.

Sounding like God yet... we're only getting started, can you handle the Truth? This is what the Scientist's say existed the instant before the Big Bang, there is no frame of reference to conjecture what was before that, but it is pretty much agreed that something WAS. According to those we trust to figure this stuff, the Universe is expanding and will continue to expand until it starts to contract, if It contains critical mass to collapse back upon Itself. The Universe is What Was, What Is, and What Will Ever Be, for it is All. This is according to Science.

Are we in agreement? Science tells us that What Is and Was and Will Be this Singularity is All, Eternal and Omnipotent (all-powerful). Could It also be Omniscient (all-knowing)? This last, and crucial, part of the proof depends on where you think Intelligence comes from. Did man create it of himself, or did it also come from the Original Source?

Science can't really tell us anything about the Intelligence of the Universe, because it is one factor they have little means or motivation to take into account. The best we can really do is marvel at structure and design and wonder if the Watchmaker exists, by comparing what we find with what we can imagine (image-in). The ancients knew, let's look at what they taught, as passed down through the voices of each millennia.

The first verses in the Gospel of John read;

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning."

What does this mean? It sounds so cryptic. Remember, this is ancient wisdom handed down by those who could not possibly understand what we have just outlined. How about if we substitute "Word" with "Thought"?

"In the beginning was the Thought, and the Thought was with God, and the Thought was God." Is it possible that every thought arose from one single ultimate Father of all thoughts? What would that thought be?

Rene DesCartes was a famous philosopher who went to live in a cave to really do some pure, unpolluted thinking. He started from a premise that he knew absolutely nothing and attempted to start over from the beginning. He went in search of that Original Thought. When he had finally cast away everything he knew or assumed, he proved his reality thus: "I think, therefore, I am." When Moses asked God what God was, He responded, "I am that I am." When Moses asked what He should tell the others, God said, tell them "I am has sent me to you"

There you have this Singularity, all matter, all power, eternal, and the thought with It: I am I am... I Am... I AM.... I AM!!!!!

The original thought! Glorious recognition of awareness. The dead comes to Life, the darkness becomes light, and that's another way of expressing this original thought: "Let there be light!".... and there was light. 

"In the beginning was the Thought, and the Thought was with The Singularity, and the Thought was The Singularity. Thought was within The Singularity from the beginning." (John 1:1-2)

(Science and religion merge.)

"Through It all things came into existence; without It nothing existed that has ever existed." (John 1:3)

"In Thought was Life, and that Life was the Spark of men. The Spark shines in the ignorance, but the ignorance has not understood It." (John 1:4-5)

All Life, All Thought, All Power, All Matter contained in a Single Point, would this not meet any definition of God? Yes, it meets Every definition of God. Still you resist, your racing thoughts are desperately seeking flaws in the proof. Aha! The Singularity ceased to be 15 billion years ago.

Sorry, It still Is, just in a different form....or maybe not.

(Part II) The Big Bang

All That Was, became aware of Itself, Thought was born and It was good. Life was born in the perfection of awareness. I was an edenic garden where nothing existed but the pure joy of awareness: I AM!!!! This singularity, aware now that is was, wanted to explore What It Was, and thus desire, or Will was born.

The Thought evolved into a string of thoughts, and these broke off into many strings of thoughts. Perhaps you learned how one thought proceeds into many in a creative writing class. In mathematics this process is called Chaos, and is visibly represented by fractals.

These strings of thoughts, guided by the Supreme Intelligence inherent within The Singularity developed into a platform on which The Singularity could interact with Itself, a mirror by which It could see that which it was. Understand?

Once the platform for interaction was created (the Garden), The Singularity (God) then created It's Image in this mirror (Man). This pleased the Singularity greatly. What was this pleasing? Love? Whatever, it could not really be contained in one image, so it was thought to divide (cell division) into two, that It might Interact with Itself: Garden, God, Man, Love, and now, Woman. God saw this increased pleasure for the All that was He, The Singularity. God said, "This is good, it should also remain good - unless my thoughts also invent what would not be good, called evil. So God told His Images to go forth and Multiply, each precious thought leading to more precious thoughts, creating a platform and reflection that exponentially increased the Love. Perfect existence in the Garden, Love alone existed, as long as they don't eat from that tree of knowledge between good and evil (Judgment).

Well, a dream of judgment came into paradise and KABOOM!, The Big Bang, Man was cast out of the Garden where He walked with God. All these strings of thoughts that composed this awareness were violently wrenched away from the One Thought at the center.

This is called "The Super-String Theory", and it is the most generally accepted theory of the Big Bang in modern science, except what I call "thoughts", they call "sub-atomic particles." We still have a ways to go, try to stay with me.

KABOOM! Every sub-atomic particle (thought) in the Universe is pushed away in milky smooth perfection, in every possible direction and dimension. Every thought that could ever be is now traveling away from every other thought, separation, represented by what we call matter.

So every thought, all intelligence, becomes separate from all else, the mirror reflected Man becoming men, and Thought becoming thoughts, such that One is now represented by 5 billion.

The Universe is the Mind of God. Every thought, from one end to the other, comes from God. The question now becomes, did God destruct into infinite parts never to be whole again. Here's where I part with the Scientists. 

Science suggests that the Universe is expanding and may continue to expand, never to reunite as One. This is error. The Universe is collapsing and all thought is coming back together.

The instant separation occurred, God had a plan of restoration -- Gravity. As the thoughts spread out, they began to join together, to cluster. The more thoughts that clustered together, the more unclustered thoughts that wanted to join. Through the Hubble Space Telescope, we look back in Time and can actually see giant space clouds of matter coming together and forming stars, the more matter gathered, the more gravity to attract more matter. In the mirror, this is called "peer-pressure". I call it "The Gravity of our beliefs."

Once a star is formed, it is attracted to other stars, forming galaxies. One cluster of thoughts is attracted to other clusters of thoughts forming "ideas" and "invention".

These Galaxies come together in a central core that all it's members are moving toward, as ideas and invention become cultures and communication. The Universe is coming together.

At the center of these Galaxies is a phenomena known as a black hole. All matter in each galaxy shall fall into this whole, where each collection of thoughts shall again become one, but not yet all.

Einstein's Theory demonstrates that the great mass of the black hole will eventually attract other black holes which will combine and combine and combine, until two remain. Here all thought is divided into two categories, black hole A and black hole B, perhaps good and evil, even sheeps and goats. The sons of Light vs. the sons of darkness. Awareness and Ignorance coming together, until one black whole consumes the other and....

All matter returns to One Point, The Singularity... and KA-BAM!!! 

How will the thoughts come back together this time. 

Yes, the Universe is collapsing into Itself, and thought is coming together. Look in the mirror... Look at the internet... all these diverse thoughts and minds and cultures, coming together, unlike has ever before been possible.

Hindu Scripture explained all this 5000 years ago, now we can Understand. or maybe not.

Author : - Amminadab's Lantern of Truth 


(These stories have been extracted from various sources solely for enjoyment and are not meant to infringe any copyright laws)