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One Consciousness

First, there was nothing at all, except The One. It was everywhere, It was everything. It was all there was. The One filled the universe like an ocean, but it wasn't made of water. It had no shape and no form, but The One had infinite power. Anything It dreamed came true.

It had no mother and father, no brothers or sisters. It had no friends and no one to talk to or play with.

The One was alone for millions of years. Then, It dreamed space and part of It became space. It dreamed stars and part of It became stars. Planets also formed in Its dream. It imagined a molten planet cooling.

Hot clouds surrounding the planet rained for years and years. The One dreamed land, water, and air.

Animals took shape in Its dream; animals which hopped, flew, crawled, slithered, swam, walked, squeaked, sang, barked, roared, buzzed, and talked. And It dreamed plants which climbed, towered, shaded, blossomed, fruited, and pollinated.

All of these things had a part of The One inside of them. They were all connected through Its dream. Plants and animals needed each other to live. Some animals ate plants while others ate animals.

When animals and plants died, the remains of their bodies became food for the living.

The One imagined animals and plants wanting to survive most of all. Besides eating each other for food, plants and animals made babies so that they could continue their families.

It dreamed that some animals had special feelings for each other. They cared for their families as much as they cared for their own lives.

Most animals listened with their hearts and followed the dream of The One. They were satisfied simply being alive and they took only what they needed to survive.

One animal was different from the rest an animal which could think and remember and speak. This animal also dreamed, and walked on two legs and used two arms and hands with thumbs to build tools.

Because the tool-builders could speak and remember, they created language. They called themselves humans.

Humans made up names for everything. They thought about where they had come from. Though they couldn't see The One, most humans felt and believed that there was a powerful force which had created them and their planet.

They named The One, God, and they named the planet, Earth.

Humans also had special feelings for each other. They named the special feelings love.

At first, humans listened with their hearts and heard God's dream. They not only loved their brothers and sisters and families, but also the animals, plants, land, water, and sky. They loved the whole Earth, and they loved just being alive.

Nothing felt better or more right to humans than to be in love with the whole Earth. That is what God dreamed.

Humans were smart enough to see that they were different from other animals. Some believed that God had made humans special, to be more like God than the other animals. They thought God must therefore be like them. So they called God, Him.

The humans who thought God was like them tried to talk to God. Instead of trying to hear God's dream, they asked God to make their own dreams come true. When they asked God for help they believed they were talking to Him.

But God was much greater than He, or Him. God didn't have a form or shape. God was everywhere and everything.

More and more humans became distracted by their own thoughts and dreams. In their minds they heard their own words telling them to build a house, or a skyscraper, or a car, or a computer. They couldn't hear God's dream anymore.

Their minds told them that the real world was the world which they had imagined,money, cities, factories, televisions, airplanes, automobiles, and shopping malls. They forgot about the world God had dreamed for them,land, sky, water, plants and animals, and the special feelings called love.

Some humans still loved their families, but had forgotten how to love the whole Earth. They dreamed things like countries, nations, corporations, money, and power which were so important to them that they would lie, cheat, steal, and even kill in order to control these things. The more they held on to their dreams, the more suffering they caused.

But there were still humans who remembered that only God had the power to make any dream come true. They also remembered that nothing felt better or more right than being in love with the whole Earth and simply being alive. They let go of their dreams, listened with their hearts, and tried to hear God's dream.

And, for them, God dreamed that they would find peace.

Author:- Ed Rawady


(These stories have been extracted from various sources solely for enjoyment and are not meant to infringe any copyright laws)