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An Interesting Vision

One time as I was meditating in the middle of the night at my study room, I saw myself (in my meditation/dream) go to a Tibetan temple's library. I don't know where it is. This time I am looking at the sutras on the higher shelf. I look into one of the sutras and find that I don't know the writing (alphabet). It looks like Sanskrit. There are 2 monks in the library. One look like a Tibetan and the other looks like an Indian. I pay respect to them, but they ignore me, as if they don't see me and keep doing their work. I stare at the sutra for a long time, but don't know the meaning of the writing.

I suddenly seem to know what it says: "There is a non-substance, no shape no form, that can live in the body of a substance. Body is destructible and non-substance is indestructible. Body will age and change, non-substance is not subject to time, has no space and it is infinite. No time can control non-substance; it can enlarge to very big and contract to very small as wish. Non-substance lives infinitely; it is not created, or born from something. No life no death, no increase no decrease. It is the oldest of all and it is also the newest of all. Non-substance cannot decay. No substance (body) can control or destroy it. Water can't melt it and fire can't burn it. It cannot be explained in words and cannot be understood by thinking.

Universe has two sides. The substance (body) universe and the non-substance universe. The substance universe got 8 types of form and non-substance has no definite form.

Suddenly, I find that I am in another room of the library and looking at another sutra: "The form of life got 8400000 types. The form of life in the water got 900000 types, on the other planets in the universe got 2000000 types. Human forms are one of the billion lives in universe; there are billion more of life.

Those have feeling, no feeling, have shape, no shape etc." The writing is getting more and more difficult to understand and although I am curious, I am unable to carry on. Suddenly I am walking on the roof of the temple. I see many monks singing and chanting. I fly above them and they don't notice. Suddenly in front of me in the air, I see a very tall middle aged monk appear. His face is very peaceful with love.

He doesn't look like Chinese but more like an Indian. He is elegant and humble. He looks serene and light. He is on the air looking down at me, smiling at me with love, as if looking at a baby. He has no beard or mustache. He has no long hair. He wears a gray robe; looks like a Tao robe but definitely not a monks robe. He doesn't say a word, he just looks at me and I understand what he means.

I follow him, fold my palms. I can't guess who he is. He has no light at his head and body. I look down; the temple is far below me, looks very tiny. My legs are on the air. Snow Mountain peaks are below me. I see Mt. Everest below me, getting smaller and smaller and disappears under the clouds. I don't feel I am flying, the peaks below me are moving very fast. The deity is looking at the world below and I follow. I see a basin surrounded by mountain peaks. I see a tiny stream of water is flowing out from a rock hole. The water is very thick, as if like "water glass".

It is located somewhere near Tibet, Pakistan, India and Soviet. I don't know what he means and look at him. I look into his eye and know what it is. The water is the "heavy water". It keep you from age, if you drink it, you will be young forever.

The deity looks at me as if saying, even if you drink the water everyday, and prevent your body from aging, substance (body) will have to change and separate eventually. As long as there is an existing of time, there will be a starting and an ending. I ask him what is the time? He doesn't reply and smiles at me. I feel he is very familiar but can't remember who he is.

Suddenly I find that we are looking at the earth and the earth is revolving. I see the ocean shining, the clouds moving,.... Europe, Asia, North and South America, as if like a rock full of growing algae. Where are the humans? Civilizations? cities? buildings? I see the 10 planets, including the earth, as if like the electrons rotating around the neutron. They rotate at different distance, different angles around the sun. The sun throws out flames reaching 100000 li.

The sun is revolving too. The earth is so tiny that it is even smaller than a black particle on the surface of the sun. The whole solar system is rotating like lightning. As if like a ball, on its inside and surface have those little dots rotating at different distances and angles around the sun. They revolve also. The tiny earth is rotating very fast; it's revolving, even amazing, as if like a glass marble spinning on the table. The deity's eye is smiling and I know what he means, this is the TIME.

Time is only present in the earth rotation and the changing (aging) of the human body. It only exists in human feeling. In this space (universe), if you are able to get rid of earth gravity and rotation, space has no time, no time at all! As for the spacing (distance), is the relative perception of humans, using the limited earth perception to measure only. Those space bodies pass by as if like the lightning. If viewing from the earth, time has already pass billion of years, but in the space, time is empty (nothing).

A comet running away from its orbit, its tail drawing million of space bodies and forms a group of great lights, passing by the earth. Viewing from the earth, million of years pass, because the earth is revolving in a very high speed. Time is so short. But looking from space, the group of comets is moving from zero to zero. I see thousand of comets passing by from time to time and one of the latest ones gets too near to the earth. The gravity of this comet is like a great wave, causes the earth to overturn and coming out of its orbit. The South Pole become North Pole and the North Pole become South Pole. East becomes West and West becomes east. Originally the revolving is going from east to the West but now becomes from West to East.

The current of the cloud change and the current of the oceans also change. Everything changes. This comet slows down and finally stops. It lost its tail and became a planet; that is our Venus. I am surprised, when Venus passes by the earth; it creates a big chaos on the surface of the earth. The icebergs at the North and South poles melt. The earth is covered with water, only a few of the highest mountains are still above the surface of the water.

Suddenly, like using the magnifying glass, I see each mountain has tiny living things, that are those leftover (human beings), in the Middle-East; at the junction of Turkey and Soviet. At the top of Mt. Ararat, there is huge coffin-like (long and rectangular) shape ship parking. There are ships and human beings at a few mountains in China area. North America, Los Angeles area has some also. European Alps Mountain area has some, African area has some. The flood slowly retreats, civilization appears again. I am amazed, "Isn't that happened 5 or 6 thousand years ago?" The deity smiles.

I look into his eyes and look back to the earth. It is in another position. Now I see east and West of the earth, there are 2 pieces of land sinking. All civilizations within are destroyed. Both of the lands sink into the hot lava. There is another piece of land floating up. The earth as if like a shattered eggshell. The land floats at the location of the 2 sunken land. The eggshell is full of seawater. One side is the Pacific Ocean and the other side is the Atlantic Ocean.

The sunken land leaves no trace behind, but there is some parts still can be found in the sea. I see under the sea floor of the Bermuda region, there is an immeasurable deep hole. A layer of coral makes up a false sea floor. There is another location under the Caribbean Sea, shallow sea floor; it has the left over of the sunken civilization. There is a man-made huge wall stretched over 100 li. And I see the South Pacific (actually that was the North Pacific, because Venus still has not caused the earth to overturn, that is billion of years before).

Part of the sunken civilization rises up and forms a sharp peak island, and I see mankind civilization growing, located at today's Peru and Chile region. It is the highest civilization at that time. Not long later, India and China region civilizations are also growing. Everything happens and ends like lightning. The deity smiles and looks at me. Suddenly I see the surface of the earth is originally in a state of solidity and there is no water.

Suddenly it cracks and forms into many pieces of land. As if like a broken egg, the lands float like eggshell on the egg white. The egg white is the hot lava. The lava at the center of the earth is even hotter and that is the egg yolk. The eggshells on the surface of the earth are unstable. It sinks and floats, collides with each other and separates.

After the sinking of a few big pieces of land at the 2 ocean regions, Africa separates from South America and drifts away. Europe separates from Central America (in between North and South America). Europe/Asia drifts to Easterly direction, Africa drifts to Northeast direction. They form the Mediterranean Sea. India originally is located Southeast of Africa, slowly drifts northeast and collides to the southwest of Asia (Tibet region).

It causes the land to rise up and form the Himalayas mountains. It causes Tibet to become a highland. The land of Tibet region is the thinnest of all other lands. The land at the East Sea (East Coast of China) and the Strait of Taiwan sinks. The coast of old Asia mainland forms Japan and Taiwan. Under the sea floor of the Pacific Ocean, lines of volcano appear and form Hawaii, Midway Islands. The south of old Asia mainland drifts south and forms Southeast Asia. Australia drifts from the South Pole (that before was North Pole) to this present location.

China and the Western Siberian Plain are formerly located at the hot Southern region; center of China is at the equator. Canada is also at the equator. I see both North and South Pole; each has a bottomless hole leading to the center of the earth. Is this the earliest stage of earth I see? No, there is more. Before this, in very ancient times, those lands (the sea floor and the land), sinks and rises countless times. Countless lands are born and melt into lava. Countless form of life forms, are born and destroyed. Human civilization appears many times sometimes a few thousand years, sometimes a few million years.

The formation of universe, changing, comets passing too near, the earth turnover, planets coming too near, the lands rise and sink. Those archaeologists, digging only a few hundred meters depth will laugh at me, because they cannot find any evidence. I am very shocked by what I see!

Then I see the earth is a fireball, rotating in space. Its surface slowly cools off and forms a thin layer of those eggshell, or ice, or butter. Mankind is so tiny that you can't even see them. Then I see the sun explodes, a lot of fireballs fly out. They rotate around the sun, slowly cool down and became planets; Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, but Venus does not belong to the sun. As said before, it is from outside, accidentally came into the solar system. It is a comet, which lost its tail. It came from another galaxy.

Then I see a fireball, which is 8 billion times bigger than our sun explode. Billions of fireballs fly off and rotate around this main fireball. The lights of the fireballs shine through zillion light-years of space. This galaxy cloud rotates and it contains billions of suns and planets. The center of this galaxy is a white fireball. The density is very heavy. Externally the galaxy is lighter in density. It is like stirring of flour and water or stirring of egg. The galaxy is whirling. Our solar system is at the external coast of this whirling galaxy. Earth is a speck of dust compared to this galaxy. Looking from the above, the galaxy rotates clockwise and looking from the bottom it rotates anti-clockwise.

The shape of the whirling motion, with its 4 rotating arms, leads me to remember the wan-symbol in Buddhism. Now I know the "wan" symbol originates from there. It represents the rotation of galaxies, symbolizes infinity, light and deep wisdom. The deity smiles and I suddenly realize there are countless galaxies in the universe, different shapes and sizes but all of them are like the symbol "wan". Now I know, how the "wan" came from; It contains the great wisdom of the galaxy. I see again, there are countless universes; they communicate to each other. In each universe, there are countless galaxies, in each galaxy; there are countless suns and planets.

In between galaxies, there are a lot of thin layers gases and dust. There are life forms in it. They have wisdom and keep developing. They have feeling; they can feel me and I can feel them. They of course, not live on oxygen. Life forms in the universe not really must rely on Oxygen as if like the life forms on the earth. I feel them living in hydrogen gas or carbon gas. I see countless forms and shapes of life forms in the planets and star clouds. Some live in an environment of high temperature, in which a human would burn to ashes, but they feel nothing. They have a form of almost the same as a human body but they are non-substances. To them, they are the "real" and we are the "insubstantial", because they can enter us.

I see more life forms, some are half man half horse and some are half man half fish and they live under the pressure and temperature different from us. Some breathe nitrogen and some even don't need to breathe. They just absorb universe ray, gamma ray, and alpha ray. Some live in a temperature of minus thousand degrees or ice state of NH3. And I see there is no time in the universe, no starting, no ending, and no restriction of space.

Because there is no starting and no ending, from the view of humans, travel from one galaxy to another needs millions of light years. Those stars, whose light reaches earth, we say the starlight traveled a million light years ago to reach here and now the star may not exist any more. But now, I just understand, in the universe, there is no time, no space (distance), a million light years is the same as happening now, no past, no future. Viewing from universe to earth, there is no time, where come the light years? No space, where come the light years? All things happen now, all are the infinity. Those past and future are only the perceptions of humans on the earth.

These are the substance perceptions of human beings. The deity looks at me and smiles, I suddenly know that in this universe, there is another universe that means inside the substance universe, there is another non-substance universe. They relatively exist. They see each other as insubstantial. Too profound? If we position ourselves in the universe, abandon the earth perception, feel the infinity of the universe, we will understand (enlighten) it. Thinking of a lot of unhappiness and trouble on the earth, it is not worthwhile.

The deity smiles and looks at me. I understand, if I want to jump out of life and death, jump out troubles and unhappiness, entering the state of no birth and no death, I have to follow him going to the universe, let my wisdom of non-substance feeling fill in the infinity. But, who is this deity? "You don't know me?" The deity smiles. Suddenly his back radiates a huge light of fire, his head radiates a disc of light, and the lights brighten up the whole universe. "You pray to me everyday, chant my name every day and now you don't know me? " The deity does not open his mouth, but I know what he means.

He is Avalokitesvaraya Bodhisattva, suddenly I know; but I am surprised why he is not in his usual image of a female. I feel grateful to him, showing all this to me and now I know the truth. I pray down and I feel him telling me not to go back to earth. I know bodhisattva is a superlative wisdom-energy, he is insubstantial, a type of energy. He transforms my mind to a form of energy, and lets me feel myself in the universe, travel through substance and insubstantial universe and know the truth. I know my body is impermanent, but I feel sorrowful because I can't leave my mother alone in this world.

Even though I jump out of life and death, living in the infinity in the state of no birth and no death, I feel it is pointless. I tell the Bodhisattvas, "I can't leave my mother alone. Maybe next time I will follow him if my mother is no longer around". Bodhisattvas smiles and nods and melts away into the space.

I open my eyes; I am still in my study room. I was in the meditation (or dream?) about half an hour. My mother is still in her room chanting. My memory slowly fades away. I remember I saw how the earth explodes in the future, how everything is destroyed. The aged sun also explodes and is destroyed. All the planets and suns can't escape from birth and death. They are also born and they are destroyed.

Author:- Feng Feng


(These stories have been extracted from various sources solely for enjoyment and are not meant to infringe any copyright laws)