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We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth, and it’s going to be extremely beautiful, the beautiful colors, that everything is total love. We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now. The most important thing is that we are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this - even if they can just be here for a few hours. They say even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, ‘I was there when this occurred.’ This is how important this is to the entire Universe. So, you’re living in a very wonderful time that will never be repeated again.


THE CHRIST ERA has officially begun with effect from this spring Equinox, March 21st 2019. We want all HER disciples and Christians to know that your CREATOR is here. She is sitting on the throne. She has returned, except as the ruler, The Queen.

Christ wants the world especially the Christian countries and leaders to be aware that he is back. He is leading the ascension effort, and ushering in the new Golden Age, the Christ Era. He is so thrilled to be back on the planet. He is ready to bring in the new teachings, and also he is going to bring down the old houses so that eventually the truth will be told.

1. Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come to share news with you. The planet is being uplifted to a much higher realm now. She has arrived at a huge area of intense light and Divine rays. In the days ahead, humanity will feel the intensity. Some may feel the intensity a little more. Others may have blissful experiences and feel that the process is finally over, and have the sense of arrival. The individual sensations can be very different, and it largely depends on the person and experiences that the soul has. The Divine wants to give you an reminder, and hopefully, you all will adjust to the new environment at an easy pace. The planet herself has an easy ride. She enjoys the high vibration and the relaxing atmosphere. The Divinely selected high energies are just what the planet needs. And the overall process has been much easier for Mother Earth. She is very pleased with the vibration and she adjusts to it effortlessly. Now, since the new environment where the planet is right now is a high vibrational place, it will requires the souls on the planet to have pure and unconditional love in the heart. The energies are so pristine that souls who are destined to be in this new realm, will need to vibrate at very high frequency. The souls will need to bring up the frequency. Meanwhile, the Divine and the company of heaven, are working nonstop to upgrade the souls on the planet to boost their frequency and capacity for higher-realm living. So far, as of today, the Divine and the company of heaven, have successfully upgraded humanity’s third chakra blueprint and human ancient thinking patterns. There are some souls who are also having the first and second chakra being upgraded. In the days to come, the Divine will continue the upgrading process. The human configuration and the calibration will be renewed. The chakra system will be continuously upgraded. The new human blueprint is coming online in some soul groups. And eventually, the entire population and human race will be renewed and upgraded. And the planet, too, will be rebuilt and the new earth will emerge. ~ Nov 25, 2020 New

2. Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to give you a quick update. As of today, the planet is being uplifted to an area that requires a pure human heart and unity consciousness. In other words, the purging is getting more and more intense. The energies require the planet and humanity to live in the higher mind and higher heart. That is to say that the planet needs a total upgrade of the mind and heart in order to live or strive in the higher realm. In order to make humanity’s journey upward easier and smooth, the Divine has started the removal process. The polarity thinking patterns and polarizing energies and consciousness are being removed from the planet earth’s energy bodies. From this point on, the polarity game has been removed, no more polarization games. Since the process is very intense and human body may react one way or the other. We, the Divine want to remind you that being compassionate is the best practice for the body and the mind. Compassionate to thyself and compassionate to each other. Let the process be and just relax into it. Know the process is for the greater good and you, dear ones, are contributing to this magnificent process. Congratulate thyself dear angels. Know you have gone through so much and you have achieved the unachievable. You are the wayshowers for the planet and humanity and you are doing splendidly. Give thyself a big congratulations and then carry on. Know everything is going well. And the Divine plan is unfolding nicely. Just relax and let the reset happen. Give your body the maximum loving care it deserves and have a fantastic journey. I love you children of my heart. I am your Mother Divine. Enjoy the journey and be the peace you are. So it is. ~ Nov 22, 2020 New

3. Dear beloveds, the Divine wants to bring you a quick message. Mother Earth is being uplifted as we speak. In doing so, we, the Divine will bring the planet to a much higher realm. Humanity, too, is having a ride along the way so that eventually, humanity will be anchored in the higher dimension. In the last few days or so, the planet is moving very slowly. Sometimes, she stands still. We, the Divine noticed that there were some energies that interfered with Mother Earth’s movements. At some point, we, the Divine removed the energies. Now since the removal of the unwanted energies, the planet has started upward movement again. Mother Earth seems to have difficulties to adjust. One minute she moves smoothly, and next minute she stops moving totally. The uneven movements is a sign that the planet has some energetic unevenness. And that needs to be taken care of. The Divine is currently working to help the planet with adjustments. Meanwhile, we, the Divine would ask the light workers for help. The helpful thing to do right now is to be stable and peaceful. Be the peace you are dear angels and send peaceful love energies to the planet. She needs peace and calmness. Let her know that you love her unconditionally and let her know that you are here for her and humanity. Be the peace dear ones. Let the process unfold and just be. I love you. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace dear children on earth. So it is. ~ Nov 17, 2020 New

4. Dear ones, you are seeing the final scene of the work of duality, where it seems to you that all is lost, and it is happening just before the plot turns, where the heroes will be welcomed. Dear children of My Heart, however, you are already home, for you are here with Me. We are home together. The energies are increasing so rapidly, that the darkness is trying to bring them down again, and this is what you are seeing in the current discord. But it doesn't have to be your discord, you can choose the vibratory level of your experiences, so that you can flow upwards so that you can observe yourself standing firm and holding strongly in the Light. Most of your family and friends do not know what you know, perhaps because they are not yet ready to listen to any of this. But they are ready to feel your peaceful Presence, your kind words and the calming effect they have on them. The world is ready for your Light and your Light is ready for your world. Many Star Systems and Federations of Light are watching you, helping you and loving you, from the positions that you now occupy, so that you can close the gap. Now is not the time to give in to the chaos outside, but to stand tall and tall, chin up and face the storm. Your Light is changing everyone around you, whether they want it or not, it is for their betterment and joy, and many do. Many of my children have become so entangled in the drama of the 3D play that they forget that they are the participants and the audience at the same time, and they also do not remember that this great play is in my lap. Many, if not most, know with certainty that their leaders have sordid pasts, for that was the way to climb into power, for they must be dishonest within a corrupt system. I Am your Mother God and the Divine feminine is now rising above Gaia, for She herself is fully ascended. You are watching the shadow world go up in smoke, for as the Light increases in heat, all will be revealed. Everyone will have the opportunity to ascend further, either within the body or by moving into another similar reality that will allow them to explore a similar vibration. Those who are in darkness will experience the Armageddon that they wish to create. ~ Nov 16, 2020 New

5. The Divine has been uplifting Mother Earth in the last couple of days. Right now, the Divine and the team are having a short break. At the moment, Mother Earth is resting comfortably. She has the assurance from the Divine and the team. She has faith in the Divine. Over time, Mother Earth has relaxed and she has gained confidence in the Divine and the Divine team. She learned to relax and just allow the Divine to do the work. In the next few days, we, the Divine and the entire team will continue the journey. Mother Earth, this time around, will have a smoother ride because we have more light workers and more help. Mother Earth is on a journey, and so is humanity. The higher Mother Earth goes, the higher the collective consciousness goes, and the better the overall situation on the planet will be. The route to the higher realm, this time around, is very different. The reason that we, the Divine have picked a new routine is because we want the journey upward to be as smooth as possible. Considering the planet is very fragile, and humanity is still in a chaotic place, Your Father God and Gaia have asked the Divine to bring Mother Earth up with maximum care. So, We, the Divine decided to take a particular route which is long but smooth. That way, Mother Earth and humanity will have an easy ride and will journey smoothly. Keep the peace and stay in the heart. Know Mother Earth is on a journey. Mother Earth and humanity are being uplifted right now. The journey will take some time. Once the planet reaches her new destination, we will begin the new age, the Golden Age. Planet earth will be the proud Mother, and the Divine will usher in the Divine government and your Father God will start the brand new era, the Golden Age. And together, we usher in the brand new epic, and brand new Age. ~ Nov 15, 2020 New

6. Dear beloveds, the Divine wants to give you a quick update. The planet Earth is on the move again. Yes, the Divine has already started uplifting the planet. The Divine says that this time, the Divine will move the planet to a much higher position. In doing so, Mother Earth will feel much love and peace. The Divine says that this is going to be a long journey. The Divine ask you, dear ones, to help by staying in the heart and be peaceful. Know Mother Earth is on a journey. She needs your unconditional love and support. Let the planet move and be peaceful, and that is what the Divine asks all of the light warriors to do right now. I love you. Divine love for you all. So it is. ~ Nov 13, 2020

7. Dear angels on earth. I am your Mother God. I come today to share news. The current situation on the planet is quite intense. The Divine had planned to take this time for the planet to calm down. However, as much as the Divine would like the situation to settle, the reality is that humanity has a ways to go in terms of letting go and letting it be. The human psyche seems to be in full force and it is hard to slow down. After a few tries, the Divine has realized that the situation on the planet is only getting more and more intense. Humanity has set its mind on the search for answers for every scenario and situation, and that means that human minds are going to keep moving and analyzing. And as a result, the human minds will create more restless energies and disharmony instead of a peaceful and calm presence. The planet is in need of a peaceful presence, and we, the Divine have been trying to calm the planet so that the planet will have a smoother releasing. However, because the restless human thought forms have created uneasy energies that have impacted the planet in unexpected ways, Mother Earth now is in need of moving again. This time, the move will be a little bigger and wider so that the planet can find a peaceful place. What will the move do to humanity you may ask dear ones? From what the Divine can see, the movement the planet is about to make is going to have big impacts. Some regions may have more impact than others. And that is why we, the Divine want to give humanity a heads up. The planet will start the movement again and the movement will cause impacts. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Stay in the heart and keep the peace dear ones. The planet needs your peaceful presence and calm energy. Mother Earth is in need of your love and peace. She needs to know that the planet and humanity is ok and peaceful. The peaceful presence of humanity gives Mother Earth ease and peace. Please keep that in mind dear ones. Let Mother Earth know that you are peace. You love Mother Earth. The Divine is in control. Things are developing in Divine’s favor. Keep the peace dear angels on earth. I love you. So it is. ~ Nov 12, 2020


We are reaching the final phase of Gaia’s quantum leap into the New Earth.

1. Quan Yin says that the Himalayas are being evacuated, and the Divine has been working to prevent further damage to the sacred holy land. There are souls who didn’t get the Divine guidance and insist visiting the region. The Divine wants these souls to reconsider their decision and leave the Himalayas alone. Mt. Everest is the most sacred place on Earth. It has been under the Divine protection since day one. Now, because the human’s imprints which have caused huge damage to the original design, and the Divine has been literally working nonstop to repair the damage. In the event of causing any damage to the Himalayas, souls who did the damage, will be called out by the Divine and consequences will be carried. So, Quan Yin urges souls who attempt to climb the Mt. Everest to not defying the Divine decree and leave the Mountains alone. It is essential that humanity hears the call and remain the Himalayas clear and clean so that we, the Divine can continue to move out of the region and let Gaia continuing her release. ~ Jul 19, 2019

2. The Divine and Gaia, have decided to increase the speed and the intensity of the releasing effort. Mother Nature will have more weather events, earthquakes will be more intense and cover more ground, and the waters will be more fluid. Natural disasters if you may, will be more severe. There are some regions on the planet that the Divine had designed to be the buffer while Gaia is going through rough changes. There are light workers who are located in these buffer regions, and the Divine wants you to stay connected and stay healthy, and know that you are the anchor for the planet. You are the anchor of peace and calm. Besides the increase of the release, we, the Divine and Gaia, also want to let the whole planet know that the Christ, the Father of human race has been incarnated. He has successfully ascended himself now, and he is getting ready to lead. Now he is going to do just that, bring Gaia home and lead the planet and humanity to the 5th dimension. ~ Jul 13, 2019

3. Gaia knows that in order for her ascension journey to go smoothly, she needs to let go of the old buried energies. In the process of releasing the old energies, Mother Earth can help the release so that Gaia can be liberated and feel free again. The Divine and the company of heaven, have been working diligently with Gaia to direct Mother Earth with the release. Gaia’s ocean floors are being emptied out and the rebuilding process may start soon. We, the Divine have to calculate how much time and effort is needed to get Gaia a brand new ocean floor. After that, the rebuilding process may begin. Gaia has decided to let her marine life live without an ocean floor. Even though, technically it is alright, still, I would warn the planet and humanity to be careful that Gaia’s oceans are extremely vulnerable right now. Leave Gaia’s ocean waters alone. Let the process begin. ~ Jun 13, 2019

4. The U.S. is going to be the next center stage in terms of Gaia’s releasing. The release so far has been mild. But it is no where near the necessary and designed intensity for Gaia’s ascension needs. For that, the Divine have decided to let the intensity rise. She wants the planet to know that and be prepared for the release so that once the nature changes happen, the planet knows that it is the release and need not to react to it. That is the warning from Gaia. We, the Divine have a wide spread network of light workers, and in order for Gaia’s release to be safe for the planet, our network of light workers have been the safety net. There have been no incidents during Gaia’s recently releases. And there are absolutely no catastrophic events that have happened under our light worker’s watch. ~ May 31, 2019

5. Gaia has brought thousands more of the new species from the other star systems to balance Mother Earth. Gaia’s ocean floors have been taken down, and it is going to take some time for the new ocean floors to be built. In other words, Gaia’s oceans are off limit right now. No more fishings are allowed. Besides the oceans, Gaia also wants to repair the mountains. Gaia’s high mountains are going to start the releasing process. Gaia wants the mountains to be cleared, and your life will be impacted. Keep your eyes open and stay safe. Due to the heavy Divine presence, the Himalayas have to be relocated. Gaia has sent out her earnest warnings that she needs the region to be informed, and to start the moving process. Gaia needs the Himalayas to be emptied. ~ May 26, 2019

6. The Divine has decided to move forward with Gaia’s ascension plan. In other words, the next big shift is coming. We, the Divine, have been preparing the planet for this shift. The shift is going to be quite disturbing. We have brought all kinds of resources and help so that when the shifts happen, humanity will have help. Besides our light workers, the Divine also wants the planet and humanity to be ready. This time around, things can be rather chaotic, and help will be plentiful. Gaia feels pretty good, and she is anxious to get the process going. We, too, are extremely ready. Let’s do it dear hearts. Let the planet shift. And let the process happen. Together, we will succeed, and Gaia is ready to go home. ~ Apr 25, 2019

7. Gaia will start the full ascension effort, that includes her full recovery from the old, and starting the new. In other words, Gaia’s reconstruction process will begin shortly. Gaia is ready for it, so is humanity. Together, with the help from Divine and the company of heaven, Gaia/Mother Earth will embark on a strenuous journey, and that journey will have a great impact on the planet and humanity. In the next few weeks or so, the Divine is going to announce the beginning of Gaia’s rebuilding process. We have Gaia’s permission, and Divine’s guidance. The process has to begin and Mother Earth has been waiting, now is finally the time for Gaia and Mother Earth’s restoration phase, and we, indeed, are ready for it. ~ Mar 30, 2019




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