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We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth, and it’s going to be extremely beautiful, the beautiful colors, that everything is total love. We’re moving away from the negativity of the Old Earth, and it’s going to be a complete turnaround, beyond belief, and we’re all going there now. The most important thing is that we are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe, and it’s very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who want to be here to experience this - even if they can just be here for a few hours. They say even if they’re born and die right away, they can say, ‘I was there when this occurred.’ This is how important this is to the entire Universe. So, you’re living in a very wonderful time that will never be repeated again.


After The Initiations And Activations, the Divine Has declared That The Mass Ascension For Humanity And Planet Earth Has Officially Commenced And Things Will Change Dramatically Thereafter. Please Stay Calm And Be Peaceful Within! ~ March 05, 2021

THE CHRIST ERA has officially begun with effect from this spring Equinox, March 21st 2019. We want all HER disciples and Christians to know that your CREATOR is here. She is sitting on the throne. She has returned, except as the ruler, The Queen.

Christ wants the world especially the Christian countries and leaders to be aware that he is back. He is leading the ascension effort, and ushering in the new Golden Age, the Christ Era. He is so thrilled to be back on the planet. He is ready to bring in the new teachings, and also he is going to bring down the old houses so that eventually the truth will be told.

1. Dear family of love and light, the energies have picked up the speed dramatically lately. Per Divine plan, the planet and humanity are going through a deep clearing and cleansing. Deep rooted energies have been dug out and now are on their way to being removed or transmuted. All soul groups and countries are going through this process. The plan is to make sure that when the Divine starts the Divine government, the dense low energies will be totally removed or transmuted so that the Divine operations can be smooth. So if you are going through releasing or cleansing, please know that you are not alone. Light workers and humanity alike, are going through the same process. The process is very critical and it needs a great deal of love and light. That is why the Divine and the company of heaven, are all on duty and helping with this process. The Divine also gave the planet and humanity special dispensation so that the process can be smooth and efficient. The Divine gave the special tools of holy fire and the Ying Yan Bagua symbol of Daoism to help with this powerful timely healing event. The Divine encourages our light workers to take advantage of this Divine dispensation and use it to heal thyself. Know that the holy fire has been infused with the Source energies. Its power has been multiplied by hundreds-fold if not thousands. The fire now can transform the most negative energies that exist on earth. So please use it wisely and feel free to use it. The Ying Yang Bagua Symbol is the creation symbol. It is a gift from the creator. It transforms all things back to the creator and going through the rebirthing process. The Divine advises light workers to keep it handy and transform the old into new with this powerful rebirthing tool. ~ Jul 01, 2022 New

2. The Yin Yang symbol is from the Daoism tradition practiced in Asian countries. Dao is the Source in action and humans in form. Balance is Dao. Law of constant change is the base of Daoism. We are all Yin Yang and we all have Yin and Yang in us. Sometimes, we call it Divine feminine and Divine masculine. In Daoism, balancing opposites is constant and is the continuing dance of Yin and Yang. It is endless and never ending, just like humans that need to balance the feminine and masculine energies continuously and all the time. Yin and Yang are the primal source energies. They reside in every living thing. And they constantly move. Balancing the Yin and Yang is the ultimate goal that every living thing constantly strives to do so that all things in the cosmos are in harmony and are balanced. Yin and Yang energies are the primal source energies in human beings. Therefore, as a human being, living in harmony and balance is the key. And living as a source energy is the point of human life. Stay balanced and stay in peace and harmony dear family of love and light. Be the Dao and be the energies that Yin and Yang represent. Know that living in balance and harmony is what we are here to do on new earth. We are the balance. We are peace. Divine blessings to you. Linda Li. So it is. ~ Jun 29, 2022 New

3. Dear family of love and light, in this post, the Divine and the company of heaven, want to express deep gratitude for the love and support you showed to the Divine and me in yesterday's special session. Mother Goddess and the Divine are deeply touched by your loving support and determination. And because of your light work, your determination and power of your presence, the Divine plan prevailed. The session succeeded. The goal was accomplished. The Divine is pleased with the work and all of your dedication and beautiful light work. Thank you for that. Since yesterday's Divine plan has succeeded, now the Divine is able to move forward with the plan and further the process of establishing the Divine government on earth. The process is now moving much further than Washington DC and the United States. The Divine plan is now moving forward globally. And that is the achievement we made together. For that, the Divine is thankful and grateful for your dedication and great work. Mother Goddess says in time to come, there will be more of the changes for the planet and humanity. Please know that the old is falling apart so that the new can emerge. The Divine encourages our light workers to keep an open mind and stay in the heart. Let go of the personal understanding and expectations of what the Divine government might be like or who is going to do what. Instead, completely allow the Divine plan to unfold. Know that the Divine plan was designed for this time and for the sake of Gaia and humanity's ascension. There is no one on earth can and is allowed to change the Divine plan. And allowing and accepting is what the Divine asks us to do. Being the light house for the planet and conducting our light work is being asked by Gaia and the Divine. Thanks again for showing up and be the warrior you are in time of need. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and your powerful light work. You are a warrior and you truly rock. Divine love for you all. Linda Li, the Divine and the company of heaven. So it is. ~ Jun 28, 2022 New

4. Dear family of love and light, Mother Father God has asked me to host a session on behalf of the Divine and the company of heaven on Monday at 10AM EST. The purpose of this session is to inform the planet and humanity that Mother God Father is here. Mother Father God has established the Divine presence on earth. Now the next thing Mother Father God is going to bring to the planet is the Divine government on earth. The process is going on. Humanity will see the Divine government on earth once the process is done. In order for Mother Father God to establish the Divine government on earth, there are a group of light workers who have to be in their position and working along with the Divine. The Divine is sending out the clarion calls to these light workers and hopefully they get the message and start their share of the light work. In the session, Divine Mother Father God will be present. They will convey the message to light workers. Some critical light workers will receive their next mission which is related to the Divine government on earth. Mother Father God will also activate some light warriors so that they will join the process and start their Divine duty. Mother Goddess calls some light workers to join this session. She says that there are some light workers who have earned the Divine blessings on new earth. She wants to deliver the blessings to these precious light workers. She says that they are critical ones for Gaia's remapping process. They are needed now. Mother Goddess asks these ones to show up in the session. Gaia is also waiting for these souls to start their mission. If you are one of these critical ones, please hear the call and join us in the session. ~ Jun 26, 2022 New

5. Dear family of love and light, thank you for joining us in the kundalini Yoga session today. Mother Goddess has special message for the class. In today's session, Mother Goddess joined us. She has activated some of the attendees for their next mission. She says that there are also some of the attendees who have signed the soul contract to do the age reversing experiment. Mother Goddess has started the age reversing process as well. She says that the process will take some time and effort. Mother Goddess will lead the process. She encourages the participants to be consistent and continuously coming to the kundalini sessions. She will continue to do the activation and DNA upgrades for all the participants of age reversal group. In today's session, Mother also did evaluation for some of the attendees. She says for some, the age reversing process can be smooth because their body is in a good shape, and they tend to have a healthy lifestyle. However, there are a few of the participants who will need a lot of DNA activations and upgrades. And it is going to take some time for them to get the process going smoothly. Mother Goddess recommends them to take the process seriously and change eating and old habits if need to. Having a healthy lifestyle is critical for this process, and now is time to start. In today's session, Mother also picked and chose some of the attendees for the Divine team. She asks the chosen ones to meditate on that and know that the soul decision has been made. Now is matter of understanding and following the soul contract. Again, thank you for your time and effort. For some of us, we have been activated as the age reversal group. Congratulations. A job well done. Linda Li and Mother Goddess. So it is. ~ Jun 25, 2022 New

6. Dear family of love and light, the new earth living has so many of us feeling challenged and at some level, even lost. We seem to face ever-increasing incoming energies, and release never-ending dramas and deeply buried emotions, mental patterns and fatigue. As a light worker, at this moment in time, it is indeed very demanding and challenging. And some of our light workers even give up and choose not to have anything to do with the mission anymore. The Divine sees the situation and the Divine knows it. The Divine knows how challenging the situation is on the planet, and the Divine knows how dramatic it is for us to transition to new earth and live as a new human. The Divine sees it all. Gaia sees it all. That is why the Divine has come and arrived on new earth. Mother Father God came and are here with us. Mother Father God want to be here at this challenging and critical moment, they want to be here for us to hold our hands so that we can feel sound and safe while learning to walk on new earth as new humans. Mother Father God want to be here because Gaia needs them, and our light workers need and want to see them and be with them. Mother Father God have heard the cry of us and are deeply touched by light worker's dedication and great work. Mother Father God are here so that they can watch over us and cheer us up when we are down. Mother Father God are here so that they can give us strength when it runs out and when we are discouraged in this spiritual journey. Mother Father God are here so that they, too, can feel the pain of human sufferings and they, too, can experience the ascension symptoms and know what we are going through so that they can give us endless love and compassion. Mother Father God are with us so that they know the pain that each of us is going through so that they can come and sit with us when that pain is unbearable. ~ Jun 24, 2022

7. Dear family of love and light, Mother Goddess has designed a team of light workers and she called it the Kundalini Team. The purpose of this team is multiple. One reason she has established this team is to help Gaia's remapping process. She says that some of the team members carry Gaia's keys and codes. In the remapping process, these keys and codes are needed. Mother God invited these key and code carriers to join the team to help Gaia's remapping process. Mother God says that there is a group of light workers whose mission is to reverse the aging process in this ascension journey. Mother Goddess will activate these light workers in our kundalini sessions so that the age reversing process can speed up. Kundalini Yoga is a form of yoga that works on our DNA and is efficient for rebirthing process. Light workers who practice kundalini Yoga will feel the effects soon after they start. Mother Goddess asks this group of light workers to join the kundalini team so that Mother Goddess will work with us in the process. And once the process is over, these age-reversing light workers will showcase their achievement to the world. Mother God has great expectations and confidence on these light workers. She says it is time to hurry up and get the process going. Mother says that there are some critical light warriors, by design, who are in the kundalini Team. Their mission is very critical. There fore Mother God manages to get them to the team so that Mother and I will be able to know how they do with their mission and help them if there is a need. Mother Goddess says that these light worker's mission is about Divine government and Mother Father God. ~ Jun 23, 2022


We are reaching the final phase of Gaia’s quantum leap into the New Earth.

1. Quan Yin says that the Himalayas are being evacuated, and the Divine has been working to prevent further damage to the sacred holy land. There are souls who didn’t get the Divine guidance and insist visiting the region. The Divine wants these souls to reconsider their decision and leave the Himalayas alone. Mt. Everest is the most sacred place on Earth. It has been under the Divine protection since day one. Now, because the human’s imprints which have caused huge damage to the original design, and the Divine has been literally working nonstop to repair the damage. In the event of causing any damage to the Himalayas, souls who did the damage, will be called out by the Divine and consequences will be carried. So, Quan Yin urges souls who attempt to climb the Mt. Everest to not defying the Divine decree and leave the Mountains alone. It is essential that humanity hears the call and remain the Himalayas clear and clean so that we, the Divine can continue to move out of the region and let Gaia continuing her release. ~ Jul 19, 2019

2. The Divine and Gaia, have decided to increase the speed and the intensity of the releasing effort. Mother Nature will have more weather events, earthquakes will be more intense and cover more ground, and the waters will be more fluid. Natural disasters if you may, will be more severe. There are some regions on the planet that the Divine had designed to be the buffer while Gaia is going through rough changes. There are light workers who are located in these buffer regions, and the Divine wants you to stay connected and stay healthy, and know that you are the anchor for the planet. You are the anchor of peace and calm. Besides the increase of the release, we, the Divine and Gaia, also want to let the whole planet know that the Christ, the Father of human race has been incarnated. He has successfully ascended himself now, and he is getting ready to lead. Now he is going to do just that, bring Gaia home and lead the planet and humanity to the 5th dimension. ~ Jul 13, 2019

3. Gaia knows that in order for her ascension journey to go smoothly, she needs to let go of the old buried energies. In the process of releasing the old energies, Mother Earth can help the release so that Gaia can be liberated and feel free again. The Divine and the company of heaven, have been working diligently with Gaia to direct Mother Earth with the release. Gaia’s ocean floors are being emptied out and the rebuilding process may start soon. We, the Divine have to calculate how much time and effort is needed to get Gaia a brand new ocean floor. After that, the rebuilding process may begin. Gaia has decided to let her marine life live without an ocean floor. Even though, technically it is alright, still, I would warn the planet and humanity to be careful that Gaia’s oceans are extremely vulnerable right now. Leave Gaia’s ocean waters alone. Let the process begin. ~ Jun 13, 2019

4. The U.S. is going to be the next center stage in terms of Gaia’s releasing. The release so far has been mild. But it is no where near the necessary and designed intensity for Gaia’s ascension needs. For that, the Divine have decided to let the intensity rise. She wants the planet to know that and be prepared for the release so that once the nature changes happen, the planet knows that it is the release and need not to react to it. That is the warning from Gaia. We, the Divine have a wide spread network of light workers, and in order for Gaia’s release to be safe for the planet, our network of light workers have been the safety net. There have been no incidents during Gaia’s recently releases. And there are absolutely no catastrophic events that have happened under our light worker’s watch. ~ May 31, 2019

5. Gaia has brought thousands more of the new species from the other star systems to balance Mother Earth. Gaia’s ocean floors have been taken down, and it is going to take some time for the new ocean floors to be built. In other words, Gaia’s oceans are off limit right now. No more fishings are allowed. Besides the oceans, Gaia also wants to repair the mountains. Gaia’s high mountains are going to start the releasing process. Gaia wants the mountains to be cleared, and your life will be impacted. Keep your eyes open and stay safe. Due to the heavy Divine presence, the Himalayas have to be relocated. Gaia has sent out her earnest warnings that she needs the region to be informed, and to start the moving process. Gaia needs the Himalayas to be emptied. ~ May 26, 2019

6. The Divine has decided to move forward with Gaia’s ascension plan. In other words, the next big shift is coming. We, the Divine, have been preparing the planet for this shift. The shift is going to be quite disturbing. We have brought all kinds of resources and help so that when the shifts happen, humanity will have help. Besides our light workers, the Divine also wants the planet and humanity to be ready. This time around, things can be rather chaotic, and help will be plentiful. Gaia feels pretty good, and she is anxious to get the process going. We, too, are extremely ready. Let’s do it dear hearts. Let the planet shift. And let the process happen. Together, we will succeed, and Gaia is ready to go home. ~ Apr 25, 2019

7. Gaia will start the full ascension effort, that includes her full recovery from the old, and starting the new. In other words, Gaia’s reconstruction process will begin shortly. Gaia is ready for it, so is humanity. Together, with the help from Divine and the company of heaven, Gaia/Mother Earth will embark on a strenuous journey, and that journey will have a great impact on the planet and humanity. In the next few weeks or so, the Divine is going to announce the beginning of Gaia’s rebuilding process. We have Gaia’s permission, and Divine’s guidance. The process has to begin and Mother Earth has been waiting, now is finally the time for Gaia and Mother Earth’s restoration phase, and we, indeed, are ready for it. ~ Mar 30, 2019



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